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The COM1000 Industrial Internet Appliance  is a unique blend of Serial and TCP/IP communications, digital and analog inputs, relays, and embedded applications - all combined to help serve many of today's unique and often complex industrial networking challenges.It's features include:

  • (4) Digital Inputs (contact closures)
  • (1) Analog Input (Variable voltage)
  • (1) Relay Output
  • (1) RS232 Serial Device Server (TCP and UDP)
  • (1) RS485 Serial Device Server (TCP and UDP)
  • Ethernet, RS232, RS485 ports
  • Supports CDMA, GPRS, Dialup and private radio
  • Email,FTP, and SMS clients
The COM1000 is not a platform for development. This is a rugged, ready-to-go network appliance. There's no SDK to buy - no scripting languages to learn. Just wire-it-up, choose an application, and off you go. It's just that simple.

How can you use the COM1000? Who uses the COM1000?

Use it by itself

The fully integrated DIGITAL INPUTS, ANALOG INPUTS, and RELAY allow you to use one event to trigger another. Examples include:

  • Monitor for analog value set points (specific temperature, pressure, etc) and use it to trigger the relay or send an email.
  • Monitor the internal temperature of the COM1000 and trigger the relay or send an email at a certain temperature
  • Trigger the activation of the relay with one of the digital inputs connected to a contact closure (external switch)
  • Set the COM1000 scheduler to activate the relay every hour, every day, every week, or even every month
  • Activate or deactivate the relay remotly when a local contact closure occurs.

Connect the ANALOG INPUT and RELAY, and you have a perfect SOLAR BATTERY monitor that can shut off equipment or start an electric generator. 

Connect a switch or motion sensor to one of the (4) DIGITAL INPUTS and you have a turnkey alarm monitoring system to trigger an alarm or give access to a control system. 

Use it on your LAN

Along with the above functions, the COM1000 can also perform many network related functions as well. 

Embedded applications enable you to:

  • Initiate TCP or UDP communications sessions
  • FTP a file to a file or web server
  • Send email (SMTP) alerts based upon changes in DIGITAL INPUTS, ANALOG VALUES, or SERIAL DATA STREAMS. 
  • Alert users using their desktop Instant Message (IM) interface

Connect your Serial devices
Connect your RTU, PLC, or Data Logger to the RS232 or RS485 ports and select from a number of options, including: 

  • Data Logging
  • Event Counter
  • UDP, TCP, FTP, SMTP(email), or IM data transport 
  • Telnet access to the RTU, PLC. or Logger (Serial Device Server)
  • SMS Alerts to your cellphone
  • Instant Message (IM) access 









The COM1000 is the 'bump-in-the-cord" that wireless integrators have been waiting for. The ability to connect to wireless modems while still providing I/O and the ability to connect terminals or PCs makes it ideal for:

  • ATM or Vending Alarms/Security
  • Armored Car Alarming Security 
  • Taxi/Limo Security Monitoring
  • Driver Construction Site Security
  • Construction Equipment Security
  • Security/Access Control Systems

Homeland Security 

  • Public Safety Vehicle Security
  • Equipment Use Monitoring
  • Vehicle Diagnostics and Control
  • Wireless/Mobile Alarm Solutions
  • Perimeter Monitoring Alarms
  • Enables silent alerts from chemical agent monitoring equipment
  • Enables message alerts for security screening events, such as baggage scanning, bomb or weapons detection, or passenger concern. 

 Industrial Data Engineers 

The COM1000is perfect for those situations that require a device that can handle analog and digital inputs, trip a RELAY, and log data - but don't need a full-blown PLC, RTU or alarm system. This makes it an ideal choice for: 

  • SCADA/Telemetry/DA Systems 
  • Public Utility Alarm Systems
  • Remote Data Collection
  • Solar System Monitoring/Alarms


Network Connection Diagram
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