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COM1000 Release Notes

Release C1000.2005.23.0125
1. Increase terminal port buffer from 1k to 2k.
2. Turn off IP forwarding when modem is unconnected.
3. Added AT*MSETUP register for initializing modem with additional commands.
4. Fix to Terminal port buffer value to match configuration tool.
5. Fix for first UDP packet dropped after power up.

Release C1000.2005.23.0110
1. Fix for rs485 tcp server.

Release C1000.2005.23.0109
1. Added PPP server capabilities.

Release C1000.2005.23.0107
1. Fix to IPForwarding for VPN packets.

Release C1000.2005.23.0106
1. RS485 routine changes for half-duplex mode.

Release C1000.2005.23.0105
1. Fix for CD detection for ppp connection.

Release C1000.2005.23.0104
1. Telnet handler using more reliable socket writing routine.
2. If DNS entries are configured and modem mode is selected, defined DNS entries will be default.

Release C1000.2005.23.0103
1. Internal changes to factory reset during flash.

Release C1000.2005.23.0102
1. Added AT*AALARMCLRVAL command. Value is threshold for analog to drop before leaving alarm state.

Release C1000.2005.23.0101
1. Added PPP library reset if connection errors exceed 5 with proper responses from modem.
2. FTP handler bug fix when selecting ftp as an application.
3. Modem application with Terminal improved to handle Carrier Detect.

Release C1000.2004.23.0100
1. Temperature action bug fix.

Release C1000.2004.23.0099
1. Modem simulation on Terminal port.

Release C1000.2004.23.0098
1. Authentication added to Websvr.
2. Added syslog support.

Release C1000.2004.23.0097
1. Internal only, no external changes.

Release C1000.2004.23.0096
1. Changed output of Temperature from F to F/C.
2. All timezones handled now.

Release C1000.2004.23.0095
1. Added check for return of DNS entries from PPP connection.

Release C1000.2004.23.0094
1. Telnet task changed to better recover from unexpected port closures.
2. Added AT command to reset telnet task if task is no longer responding (at*resettcp).
3. IM task and telnet server task is restarted if PPP interface is recycled.
4. Timer task changed to improve syncronization of rtclock to software clock.

Release C1000.2004.23.0093
1. Fix for Daylight savings time. Flag was not saved to nonvolatile memory.

Release C1000.2004.23.0092
1. Added NAT network address translation capabilities to IP forwarding.
2. Added port forwarding capabilities.

Release C1000.2004.23.0091
1. Added ipforwarding. at*ipforward=1 is enabled.

Release C1000.2004.23.0090
1. Added base 64 encryption for smtp authentication.
2. Change factory reset on power up. Hold down reset button during power up and wait for quick flash from LEDs.
3. Fixed transmit data led for DTE port.

Release C1000.2004.23.0089
1. Compiled using new V9.01 compiler and Libraries.

Release C1000.2004.23.0088
1. Added additional smtp authentication support.

Release C1000.2004.23.0085
1. Added ping retry commands.
2. Added timestamps to DTE data.
3. Added timestamps to RS485 data.
4. Added terminal buffer commands to view data over telnet.

Release C1000.2004.23.0082
1. Added Temperature commands to rev 2.7 pcb.
2. Added both interfaces to ipconfig commands.

Release C1000.2004.23.0080
1. Added mode for MDS modems to support initiate PPP connection without dialing, at*mmode=3.
2. Increased size of at*minit to 50 characters. Added ability for special characters such as quotes

Release C1000.2004.23.0079
1. Enhanced Analog commands for conversion to user defined units.

Release C1000.2004.23.0078
1. Changed at*imserverip to at*imip, at*imserverport to at*import

Release C1000.2004.23.0077
1. Changed factory default setting of at*mdial to "atd", increase to 50 characters.

Release C1000.2004.23.0073
1. Enhanced Analog commands
2. Status format changes.
3. Reset of device after at*factory.

Release C1000.2004.23.0067
1. New buffer for missed emails. Emails missed from network issues will be concatenated into
next scheduled email.
2. New registers for scheduled ping to verify PPP connectivity.
3. Buffering of TCP packets for debug port.

Release C1000.2004.23.0066
1. Dynamic DNS changes. Checks for change in IP from previous report. If no change, no update is
sent to server. Performs additional check when in ethernet mode to verify IP change to
gateway. Accesses external site https://www.simplecomtools.com/scripts/ipdetect.html for detecting current ip.
2. Removal of ftp password appearing in logfile.

Release C1000.2004.23.0065
1. Extended timeout for PPP shutdown

Release C1000.2004.23.0064
1. Increase Digital input counts to handle values to 999,999,999.
2. Improved PPP shutdown during modem disconnects.
3. Event Log Scheduler bug fix.
4. Improved UDP packet handling of large blocks of data.

Release C1000.2004.23.0055
1. Improved Event Log Scheduler.
2. PING timeout message corrected.
3. Added AT Commands for manufacturing testing.
4. Schedule type addition now shows status of PPP state and Relay
5. Addition of IPCONFIG command. Gives current ip address, netmask, etc
6. Relay scheduler allows for multiple day selections

Release C1000.2004.23.0054
No external changes.

Release C1000.2004.23.0053
1. Buffer changes to TCP stack.
2. TCP buffers changed to 1460 from 600.
3. SMTP and FTP timeouts extended from 20 to 90 seconds.

Release C1000.2004.23.0052
1. AT commands and rconnect and tconnect capability through modem connection at DTE port.

Release C1000.2004.23.0051
No external changes.

Release C1000.2004.23.0050
1. Added event log scheduler.

Release C1000.2004.23.0049
1. Characters 12 and 13 of version number now represent board version number.
2. New commands “rconnect” and “tconnect” sent with IM will redirect data from/to rs485
and DCE ports respectively.
3. Sending port escape string will disconnect redirection.
4. Temperature data is not sent in packet for version 2.3 boards.

Release C1000.2004.03.RT48
1. Use of MS_TIMER for timer has better resolution
2. Expansion of number of log messages from 75 to 100
3. Added parameters 5 and 6 to at*pktformat
5 is status based on at*status
6 is data in following format
0 1 1 1 3.214 V 0

V 0

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