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Password protecting TCP-Com

If you select “Password…” in the TCP-Com “File” menu, the following window will appear:

The above window allows you to set a password for TCP-Com. When you run TCP-Com and then minimize its window, an icon for TCP-Com will appear in the system tray on your Windows taskbar. Normally, to open the TCP-Com window after you minimize it, you would right click your mouse on the TCP-Com icon in the system tray and select “Open TCP-Com” from the context menu that appears. If you have a password set up in TCP-Com, you would need to enter the password before TCP-Com will allow its window to open after it has been minimized. If you enter the wrong password, the TCP-Com window will not open and it will remain minimized in the system tray.

For most applications, it is common to have TCP-Com set up to run automatically by either selecting the option "Load TCP-Com with Windows at startup" in the TCPCom Options window or by placing a shortcut to TCP-Com in your Startup folder so that it automatically runs each time you start your computer.

It is also common to have TCP-Com minimized while it is running. The Password protection option allows you to make sure that the settings that you configure in TCP-Com are not changed by an end user or that the program is not terminated accidentally by not allowing a user to open the TCP-Com window or shut it down without first entering a password.

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