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ModemSharing Client Dial-Up Networking issues


Dial-Up Networking usually requires the same modem driver to be installed on the Client computers Virtual COM port as is installed on the Server computer where the modem(s) are physically located.. For example if one end is using the manufactures modem driver, the other end should not use a Windows Standard 56k modem driver, or a driver mismatch can occur..

If you are unable to get Dial-Up networking to work, and you are using matching modem drivers, the first thing to do is check that you are able to sucessfully dial the same phone number using Hyperterminal that you intend to use for Dial-Up Networking.

Using Hyperterminal will allow you to confirm that that:

The Server end software is properly installed and configured.

The Client end software is properly installed and configured.

The Modem(s) and their drivers are properly installed and configured.

The phone number being dialed is correct, and the remote location you are dialing is answering the call.

Once you have confirmed that that all these things are working, it narrows the cause down to being a configuration issue with Dial-Up Networking itself. Make sure the network settings are correct, such as the username/password being entered correctly (these are usually case sensitive).


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