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Testing a ModemSharing Client with Hyperterminal

HyperTerminal is a serial communicationl program included with Windows.
It is usually found under Start > Programs > Accessories > Communications.

To test a ModemSharing Client using HyperTerminal, Run Hyperterminal, enter anything as the name for the the connection, click OK, then choose the Modem Name, (which is provided by the Modem Driver which is attached to the Client's Virtual COM port.). When Hyperterminal asks for a phone number, it's a good idea to use the same phone number that you plan to use for Dial-Up Networking or other dialout application. This may not allow you to accomplish much once you get online, but doing this will allow you to know if the client is able to successfully make a connection with modem located at the phone number you are attempting to dial.

If the dialing fails with a simple error message such as BUSY, NO DIALTONE, etc. then you should proceed to troubleshoot ths just as you would when dialing from a local modem. For example, a NO DIALTONE response would indicate that the modem is not plugged into the phone line, or the phone line is not producing a proper dialtone. If your phone system requires a 9 to be dialed before generating a Dialtone, this can be overcome by setting "X3" in your modem init string, which tells the modem to dial without waiting for a Dialtone. A BUSY or NO ANSWER response would indicate normal types of issues reaching the phone number that you are attempting to dial. Try dialing the same number with a voice phone to see if you get the same result.

If the issue is more complex, or if nothing seems to happen at all when dialing, then the next step would be to install a COM port logging utility, such as COMFILE on the Client computer, which will create a log showing the data going in and out of the Virtual COM port, so you can see what is occuring. Problems can often solved by reading the resulting log yourself. However, if you have difficulty interpreting the data, simply fill out a Support Request then email the log file to support@pcmicro.com as an attached file.




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