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MPNT - Frequently Asked Questions (General)

Q1. What is the most current version of MPNT?
A1. The final versions are MPNT Server 4.10a72 - MPNT Client for NT 4.10a94 - MPNT Client for Windows 9x 4.10a58. An existing retail MPNT Server version 4.04b39 or higher can be upgraded to the latest version.
Q2. Is the MPNT Client compatible with Windows 95, 98, and ME?
A2. Yes. The MPNT Client is compatible with Windows 95, 98, and ME.
Q3. Is the MPNT Client compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows 2003?
A4. The current MPNT Client is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, and /2003, But due to DCOM security changes in XP-SP2 and 2003-SP1 or SP2, running the clients under these service packs is not recommended. We have a free upgrade path to the more advanced NetModem modem pooling solution.
Q4. Is the MPNT Server Compible with Windows Server 2000 and 2003?
A4. Yes. MPNT Server (version 4.10a72) is compatible with Windows 2000 Server and 2003 Server, and can only share modems with MPNT Clients. There are reports of driver issues when running under Windows 2003 R2 Server however.
Q5. Can I install MPNT Server on a Windows Server with Terminal Server Services running?
A5. Yes. The latest version MPNT Server (version 4.10a72 or greater) can be installed with Terminal Server Services enabled under Windows 2000 or 2003. However, the modems can only be shared with Windows 9x/NT/2000 Clients. In order to share the modems with Thin Clients (Citrix Clients) Modem Pooling for Terminal Server (MPTS) must be installed.
Q6. Can I install MPNT Server on Windows NT4 Terminal Server?
A6. No. MPNT cannot be installed a Windows NT4 Terminal Server. To share modems on a Windows NT4 Terminal Server install Modem Sharing for Terminal Server (MPTS) and only Thin Clients (Citrix Clients) can access the modems.
Q7. Can I install MPNT on a multiprocessor machine?
A7. Yes. MPNT has been successfully tested on multi-processor machines.
Q8. Can I use the Microsoft RAS client (Dial-up networking) with MPNT?
A8. Yes, RAS DUN can be used with Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 and Windows 95/98/ME.
Q9. Microsoft RAS Server uses modems to accept inbound calls. Can MPNT also use these modems?
A9. Yes, an interface between RAS and MPNT allows MPNT to ask RAS about a modem's availability. When no incoming call is active, RAS allows MPNT to use the modem. MPNT will then give it back to RAS once the call is finished.
Q10. Is MPNT available for compatible CPUs other than Intel?
A10. MPNT Server and Client are only supported under Intel platforms.
Q11. How does MPNT handle incoming calls?
A11. MPNT can only be used for outbound calls and does not handle incoming calls. Nevertheless, if an application is waiting for an incoming call on a redirected MPNT Server COM Port it will normally answer the call.
Q12. Can more than one user access shared MPNT COM Port at the same time?
A12. No, Microsoft Operating Systems do not allow the opening of COM Ports by more than one user at a time.
Q13. What network protocols does MPNT support?
A13. MPNT requires a NetBios connection and supports NetBios over TCP/IP and NetBeui. In order to work on IPX/SPX NetBios over IPX must be enabled.
Q14. What is the maximum speed allowed by MPNT?
A14. The maximum speed supported by MPNT is limited to the maximum speed supported by the hardware/software on the server or the maximum speed supported by the communications application running on the client. For example, Windows NT4 HyperTerminal can be set up to 921,600 bps. If the server hardware and software supports that speed, then MPNT will support that speed.
Q15. Can you use MPNT with ISDN?
A15. MPNT is compatible with all ISDN devices seen as COM Ports on the system. For example, you can use external ISDN adapters connected to COM Ports or multi-port cards. MPNT may not support internal ISDN cards if they do not install serial drivers. MPNT does not directly support ISDN devices that use CAPI.
Q16. What client Operating System does MPNT support?
A16. Only Microsoft Operating Systems are supported. MPNT is not available for Macintosh systems.
Q17. Can I install MPNT Server on Winframe or Metaframe?
A17. No. MPNT Server does not support the Winframe, Metaframe, or Terminal Server operating systems. For Metaframe or Terminal Server, you can install MPTS (Modem Pooling for Terminal Server) which can be used either stand-alone or along with MPNT. Please call 800-922-0005 for more information on MPTS.
Q18. Can the MPNT Client be installed on a Windows 2000/XP Terminal Server?
A18. Yes. MPNT Client can be installed on a Windows 2000 Server running Terminal Server Services. The MPNT Client can create a redirected port to an MPNT Server shared resource pool that located on a separate NT/2000 machine.
Q19. Can I install MPNT on SAPS and keep the existing SAPS resource configuration?
A19. Yes, it is possible to upgrade SAPS Server to MPNT Server and keep the existing shared ports configuration. However, until the SAPS client is upgraded to the MPNT client, the SAPS client will no longer connect to the server.
Q20. Does MPNT support DOS applications?
A20. Yes. DOS applications that are installed on NT will redirect through the MPNT NT client COM ports. On Windows 95/98 machines, the MPNT DOS client must be installed and the DOS application must support Int14h.
Q21. Is MPNT compatible with RRAS (Routing and RAS)?
A21. Yes. MPNT can share the same ports with RRAS. However, you must check "Dial out as a RAS client" in the properties of the RRAS port. The ports must be set to 'inbound and outbound' in Windows RRAS Manager.
Q22. How do I know what MPNT version I have and how many licenses I have?
A22. Open the MPTN Administrator and select the Help drop-down menu then About. Click the License button and read the first version for Modem Pooling for NT. For license information, Click the License button. It is possible to view how many users each license is for by highlighting them individually.
Q23. Will MPNT share a USB device such as a USB modem?
A23. Yes, as long as the manufacturer provides a compatible COM port driver. The physical interface is transparent. The USB port must represent itself as a COM port, and MPNT must see it as a COM port.
Q24. I am unable to launch the MPTN Administrator (V4.04b version) on my German NT4 or Windows 2000 Server.
A24. There is a known problem when trying to launch the MPTN Administrator (V4.04b version) on a German NT4 or Windows 2000 machine or when the regional settings have been set to German. To correct this problem, download the patch from ftp.pcmicro.com/patch/MPN40_PATCH_G.zip. Unzip the file into the SpartaCom installation folder. This will overwrite 4 of the existing .dll files. Once the new files have been copied into the SpartaCom installation folder, start the SpartaCom Administrator application.
Q25. I receive the error message "badly formed script file - Unable to open the file C:\i386\'filename'" when attempting to install the MPNT NT client on an IBM machine. How do I correct this?
A25. Copy the MPNT NT client installation files to the root directory of C:\. Modify the oemsetup.inf file (you can use Word Pad) and replace every instance of $(SRCDIR) with C:\. Be sure that only one \ exists. It should not read C:\\. After the modifications have been made, install the MPNT NT client by opening Control Panel | Network | Services (tab) - "Add". Point the install path to the locally copied files that contain the modified oemsetup.inf file.
Q26. Why do the Windows 2000 Clients connect but then disconnect immediately?
A26. When a computer system comes from a manufacturer, the hard drive is most likely "cloned" or "ghosted." These machines cannot pass the username properly to MPNT servers so the Administrator will create the Anonymous Group and insert a user called NT Authority\System. This account will take up a client license and is needed when the client uses the TAPI modem to dial. If they use a connection directly to the COM Port the domain\username should be used.

Delete the Anonymous Group if it exists.
Insert any user (it will be renamed later) into MPNT Users (or user group applicable)
Right-click and choose rename.
Delete the current entry.
Enter the user NT Authority\System. (Spelling and spacing must be exact)
Update the Monitor Configuration.
Q27. How do I upgrade the number of users the MPNT server is licensed for?
A27. Open the MPNTAdministrator and select Help |About from the drop-down menu and click on License | Add. Enter the new add-on license and click OK. Confirm that the Max Users is correct.

More information can be found in the ADVANCED FAQ



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