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SimpleComTools, LLC
Serial Stream-UDP Multicast
SimpleComTools, LLC
Hardware Details
Serial Stream-SMTP can utilize any PC RS-232 port.
Any data stream that comes into the RS-232 port is
capable of being transported via UDP packets.
Connect your RS-232 device to the RS-232 interface
on your PC. Most devices will have a PC or modem
cable available. Consult your device user manual for
PC cabling options or specifications. 
Begin by setting up the Com Port settings.  
This is located under Options/Configurations.
Set the Serial Port, Baud Rate, Flow Control and Data Connection Parameters:
Serial Port to be monitored and serial settings of hardware attached to port
Main Form:
Hide on Start up (will force Serial Stream-SMTP to run in taskbar).
Auto clear displays (clears mail progress display on prior to new message)
Remote Device:
Remote UDP Port  (Default is Port 25. This can be changed to value from 1-65535)