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Redirect Serial port data to TCP/IP On-line Store

TCP-Com is a software based serial port to TCP/IP + UDP Redirector, that can act as either a TCP/UDP client or server. It allows you to turn your Windows PC into a "Serial Device Server" or a simple "Modem Server" which can be accessed by other PC's on your network. By creating a "Virtual Serial Port" on your client PC, you can use your existing communications programs to access the serial device as if it was connected locally. Data from one serial device can be shared with multiple applications/PC's concurrently.

Attach serial data collection devices - modems, sensors, bar code scanners, gages, meters, RF equipment, telephone PBX systems, laboratory instruments, etc. - to the serial ports of a Windows PC and have that data available anywhere over any TCP/IP based network.

TCP-Com can also be used to connect to a Serial Device Server using "Virtual Serial Ports" on the client PC, allowing your legacy windows communication software to access multiple devices as if they were on local COM ports.

Another way you can use TCP-Com is to create a "Virtual Serial Port" on both the client and the Server PC, allowing 2 computers to communicate over these ports just as if they were connected together by a serial cable.

TCP-Com is very simple to configure, and allows up to 256 physical or Virtual Serial ports from COM1 to COM256 to be selected. TCP-Com can be added to your startup folder to load automaticly when you start Windows, or run it just when you need it. Multiple settings can be saved, and when TCP-Com is closed it automaticly saves all current settings as its default.


Supported Application Software:

Nearly all Windows serial communication programs are supported, including:

  • Terminal Programs such as HyperTerminal, Procomm, etc.
  • Financial, Banking, and Credit Systems, such as CEDCOM.
  • Real Estate DataBase Servers, such as MLS, Top Producer, Altaira, RealEdge.
  • Microsoft Dial-Up Networking
  • Alarm and Security monitoring software.

Supported Operating Systems:

All popular versions of Windows 32-bit and 64-bit are supported (both Server and Workstation versions).

  • Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98
  • Windows Server 2016, 2012, 2008, 2003, 2000 (including R2 versions)

Value Added Service:

Our goal at PC Micro is complete customer satisfaction. We offer a 90-day money back garantee, and free unlimited support for the life of the product. We answer technical questions either by email or you can call and speak directly with your account manager.

Licensing and Pricing:

Licensed per PC. Prices start at $145 each, with quantity discounting.
No port limitations, up to 256 COM ports per PC.
Unlimited Support included at no extra charge.

Visit our on-line store for a price list, or you can request a quote.

More information:

A full list of features can be found in the TCP-COM Product Data Sheet.

Download a free 30-day Trial. Purchasing a license allows you to unlock the evaluation by simply entering a license key.
We also have a more advanced solution called NetSerial that also works with modem servers and allows modem emulation.


For additional information, please contact our sales department:
Phone:   +1-805-493-8388 7am-5pm PST.
Toll-Free: 1-800-922-0005 7am-5pm PST.
Email: Sales@pcmicro.com.


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