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Questions and Answers for RemoteAccess 2.x

###### RA.Q&A ######

Updated on 02/04/96

By: Eric Staufer

The Concession Stand

FidoNet 1:374/6568

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     Table of Contents:                            Section:
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 * Message Menu Commands *Q&A* ...................... 1
    +- More Message Areas
    +- Message Parameters
    +- Mass Mail
    +- Group Mail
    +- JAM Message Base Setups
    +- JAM Message Base w/ FastEcho
    +- Watchdog messages
    +- How to get rid of the '*' on AreaList
    +- A method faster than @all ?

 * File Area Commands *Q&A* ......................... 2
    +- U/L problem from RA 1.11
    +- More File Areas
    +- Installation of CDROM
    +- GENFBASE.EXE Help
    +- RAFILE.EXE Help
    +- RAMGR File Base Help
    +- How to import a FILE_ID.x
    +- Different Filelist Formats
    +- How to shorten the download counter
    +- How to Zip Comment Files off of CD-ROM

 * Language Editor/Control Codes  *Q&A* ............. 3
    +- Changing Colors in Language Prompts
    +- Color Code Chart
    +- K!xxxxx| Option

 * Security Level Setup *Q&A* ....................... 4

 * Miscellaneous Features *Q&A* ..................... 5
    +-  How to get Multinode logs
    +-  External Protocol Setups
    +-  How to setup ANSI screens for Menus.
    +-  How to get RA to check and download RIP Icons
    +-  How to make RA not to echo password characters
    +-  How to automatically notify a user whose had
        an incorrect password attempt
    +-  How to get ESC, <--, ENTER, & TAB as hotkeys
    +-  What to do if you have users logging in at
        64000bps every time
    +-  What to do if at each login, it says that
        you have an event coming up.
    +-  Default Logon Preferences
    +-  Not using FILEAREA.A?? or hard-coded areas
    +-  Setting up different menus for different SLs

 * Multiple hotkey setup with RemoteAccess! ......... 6

 * FAX with RemoteAccess ............................ 7

                              - 1 -

 #### Message Menu Commands ####

   Q.  People say that there can be more than 250 message and file areas, how?

   A.  If and when you do need more areas than 250 areas, you go into the
       RACONFIG under Manager, go over to the File Areas, and then hit PGDN
       to you reach 250, then all you do is hit the INS key, and 1 more area
       will be added, you do the same with the message areas.

  Q.    How do I send mail to EVERY USER?  {+} Registered Command

  A.    This is not to hard of a task. MAKE SURE THAT THE GROUP MAIL IS SET
        TO SYSOP LEVEL, or every user will send mass mail to every user, once
        they find how to do it!

        Area 15 - * Sysop's Mass Mail *

        From: Eric Staufer  (or your name)
          To: @all

                Then just enter the message.

         When it asks you for a a Return Receipt, put (N)o. Or you will add
         on a good size more mail. I have roughly 396 users (as of 12/11/93)
         and I had to send this 4k message to everyone, it ended up for me
         to use around 1.3 megs to send all the mail out!  Imagine if you
         requested a return receipt!

  Q.     How do I send messages to a specific security and group?

  A.     Straight from the RA.DOC, here's what it says about this:

          Users having access to the Group Mail feature may use any
          of the following macros in the To: field of a message:

          To Field      Action Description
          --------      ------------------

          @group        Post message to all users in group 
          @ALL          Post message to all users
          =security     Post message to all users with security
                        level equal to 
          >security     Post message to all users with security
                        level greater than 

  Q.    How do I setup a JAM Message base with RA 2.x?

  A.    JAM Message Bases are not that difficult to setup, here is an
        example of one of my JAM Message Bases:

+----------------------------------------------------+  Message area 14   ++
|                                                                          |
| Name   Fido: RA Support                                                  |
| Origin The Concession Stand, 407-569-6568, RA/Beta, 33.6 Dual            |
|                                                                          |
| Read security  0       Type      EchoMail          AltGroup1 0           |
| A flag --------        Status    Public            AltGroup2 0           |
| B flag --------        Users     Real names only   AltGroup3 0           |
| C flag --------        Days old  30                AllGroups No          |
| D flag --------        Days rcvd 7                 NetReply  0           |
|                        Max msgs  250                                     |
| Write security 0       Echoinfo  Yes                                     |
| A flag --------        Combined  Yes                                     |
| B flag --------        Attaches  No                                      |
| C flag --------        SoftCRs   No                                      |
| D flag --------        Deletes   No                                      |
|                        AKA       1:374/6568                              |
| Sysop security 100     Age       0                                       |
| A flag --------        Group     2                                       |
| B flag --------        Area type JAM                                     |
| C flag --------        JAMbase   c:\ra\msgbase\jam\rasupp                |
| D flag --------                                                          |
|                                                                          |

 *  Notice the Area type -- JAM
 *  Notice the JAMbase -- c:\ra\msgbase\jam\rasupp

    The JAMbase asks you to state a path and a base filename of the JAM
    files..  Such as for this message base RA SUPPORT, all of the files
    for this message base will be named RASUPP.*

    These files will be created for this area:

        RASUPP   JHR    171562 08-06-95  11:17a
        RASUPP   JDT    404089 08-06-95  11:17a
        RASUPP   JDX      5032 08-06-95  11:17a
        RASUPP   JLR       304 08-06-95  11:17a

        Just remember when you DO fill out the JAMbase do NOT state
                           a file extension !

     *** SHARE must be loaded in order for JAM to work properly ***

  Q.  How do I setup FastEcho with a JAM Message Base?

  A.  With the example above, I will show you how to setup one (1) JAM
      message base with FastEcho.

+---------------------------------- Edit Area -----------------------------+
|    Name: RA_SUPPORT                                    Group: A          |
| Comment: RemoteAccess Support Echo                                       |
|  Origin:                                                                 |
|    Type: Echomail                                                        |
| Storage: JAM             Board:                                          |
|    Path: C:\RA\MSGBASE\JAM\RASUPP                                        |
| Use Aka: 1:374/6568.0                                                    |
|                                                                          |
|   Mandatory: N   Keep SEEN-BY: N   Tiny SEEN-BY: N   CPD: N   Pass: N    |
|  Convert Umlaut: N  Keep users: N  Kill read: N    Disable Passive: N    |
|  Manual changes: Y  Hide area: N  Keep netmails: N                       |
|                                                                          |
| Purging  # Msgs: 0      # Days: 0       # Rcvd Days: 0                   |
| Security   Read: 0       Write: 0                                        |
|                                                                          |
|   Seen-by: 1:374/6568                                                    |
| Export to:                                              |
|                                                                          |
|Press F10 to save or ESC to abort editing...                              |

     *  The STORAGE is JAM ..
     *  The PATH is the path to the base filename of your JAM files for that
    |-- specific message area, which in this area would be RASUPP.
    |-> (Remember that in the example above this one, the base filename for
        this messagebase is RASUPP, so make sure they both match).

   This works for me, and the echo tosses fine, and I can reply just fine.

   Q.  What are the RAMSG parameters to link, purge, etc ... for the JAM
       Message Bases?

   A.  The ones listed below is what I use, and it works fine for me.

ramsg link -clean
ramsg pack -jam -purge -delete -recover -renumber -overwrite -link

   Q.  How do I get rid of those '*' which are to the left of the
       message areas?

   A.  Just add a /NONEW in the optional data parameter in the menucmnd.

   Q.  How can I setup mass mail on my board without filling up the
       harddrive and taking forever to do so?

   A.  Bryan Fuller had sent me this information:

Ok everyone. Listen up. This is for all of you complaining about how
when you do a @all it makes hundreds of copies and fills up your
drive,and besides that, is slow. I have a solution that is quick and

Make an area called Board Notices or something like that. Set it to
No-Reply, read security should be set to your normal user security (Or
whatever security level you want to be able to read it), write security
should be set to sysop or co-sysop, and deletes not permitted.

In your TOP menu, Make a command to read messages, set it to autoexec,
set the security to match the read security of the area, and in the
optional data do a "# /K=N" where # is the number of the message area.


For those of you that don't know and want to know, the /K=N means to
enter the N keystroke just as the user would, making it read new
messages only. See the RA documentation for info on this feature, I just
love it :).

                              - 2 -

 #### File Area Commands ####

   Q.  I just upgraded from 1.xx to 2.x, and how do I get uploads to work?

   A.  Simple, you must first go into the menu manager in the RACONFIG, find
       your upload option and then change the optional data from the path to
       the area number, in which you have the New Upload area.

        1.xx>   Optional Data: d:\uploads
        2.xx>   Optional Data: 11

   Q.  People say that there can be more than 250 message and file areas, how?

   A.  If and when you do need more areas than 250 areas, you go into the
       RACONFIG under Manager, go over to the File Areas, and then hit PGDN
       to you reach 250, then all you do is hit the INS key, and 1 more area
       will be added, you do the same with the message areas.

   Q.  How do I install a CD-ROM disc that have Files.BBS in each directory?

   A.  First, you must make areas in the RACONFIG, that match the number of
       areas you have on your CD. For Example,if you were installing Night Owl
       v19, they have areas on the disc like 001a - 052a or something close,
       (make sure you know what area 001a is, like Games A-Z, or something.
       You should set your areas to like this.

           +------------------------------------- File area 140   +ger
-----------|                                                      |--------+--
###########| Name     CD-ROM: Harddisk Utilities                  | areas  |##
###########| Path     E:\UTILS                                    |roups   |##
###########|                                                      |e areas|##
###########| DL security 50      New      No     AltGroup1 0      |roups   |##
###########| A flag --------     Dupes    No     AltGroup2 0      |tocols  |##
###########| B flag --------     CD-ROM   Yes    AltGroup3 0      |guages  |##
###########| C flag --------     Free     No     Device    0      |Fn keys |##
###########| D flag --------     LongDesc No     AllGroups No     |nts     |##
###########|                     DirectDL No                      |us      |##
###########| List security 10    PwdUL    No                      | files  |##
###########| A flag --------     UL scan  No                      |bined   |##
########## | B flag --------     ArcType                          |its     |##
###########| C flag --------     DL days  0                       |--------+##
###########| D flag --------     FD days  0                       |###########
###########|                     MoveArea 0                       |###########
###########| UL security 100     Min age  0                       |###########
###########| A flag --------     Password                         |###########
###########| B flag --------     Group    3                       |###########
###########| C flag --------     Def.cost 0                       |###########
###########| D flag --------     Uploads  0                       |###########
###########|                                                      |###########

 **Note**  Please make sure that you change the Name of the Area, Drive Letter,
           D/L security, List Security, and U/L security to suit your needs.
           CD-ROM has to be set for YES, and the NEW has to be set for NO,
           if set to yes, it would search this area in the NEW FILES SEARCH

   Q.  How do I import descriptions from the CD to the file manager?

   A.  Well, seeing how you should have already setup all the CD file areas,
       you should now run GENFBASE, be sure that you remember the area numbers
       that begin with your CD areas and the area that ends them.
       +++ I advise that you backup your TXT, HDR, and IDX, directory before
       you start this, you might mess it up and some words might be missing,
       from the descriptions. +++ It will ask:

       Start at area#: xxx     

       End at area#: xxx       

       Then it will ask about download counters.. put in NO.
       Then it will ask about LF/CRs or something... check your Files.BBS
       on the CD, to see whether or not if it has multiple descriptions,
       if it only has 1 line description (ie Monster Disc II), put in NO.
       but if it does have multiple descriptions (ie Night Owl vx.0) put in
       If it asks about something having to do with indentation with the
       Files.BBS, leave it at the default, 0.
       +++ like I said, make a backup of the TXT, HDR and IDX dir, before you
       go on with this thing. +++

   Q.  I just switched from RA 1.11 to RA 2.x, and this RAFILE thing is
       sorta screwey to me.. how do I make it generate a newfiles list,
       a master list, and main board files (this is if you have CD-ROM areas)
       ? What is this /B option, the /D option, and the *.LST files used in
       the RAFILE FILELIST command?

   A.  Here are my examples, the ones I use, and I organized it show I'll
       show you what each one does.

    rafile filelist d:\ra\files\concess\master.txt /Brafile.ban
                    +-- path plus file name.       +- banner to make appear
                                                   before the list.

    rafile filelist d:\ra\files\concess\concess.txt /Brafile.ban @CONCESS.LST
                    +-- path plus file name.        +- Banner    +- which
                                                                   area I want
                                                                   to be shown
                                                                   on the list

    rafile filelist d:\ra\files\concess\newfiles.txt /Brafile.ban /D7
                    +-- path plus file name.         +- Banner    +- Newfiles
                                                                  in 7 days.
                                                                you can change
(How CONCESS.LST reads:                                           the 7 to any

      1-39 are the file areas that I want included on one of the lists that
      I generated. Change it to anything that you want it to be.

      The /Dx number shows the newfiles in how many days (x=days) (optional)

      The /Bxxxx.xxx option gives you the option if you want a banner file
      in the filelist, you do not have to use this if you decide not too

      This is required, of course to make it run the filelist program.
      The path of course, is required, please change to suit your needs.
      The @xxxxxxx.xxx option, lets you have which areas in the list that you
      want to have or not. The @ is required beforehand. (optional)

  Q.    How do I enable the (T)agging prompt on the Keyword Search and the
        Filename search commands?

  A.    Simple, just add in the Optional Data line for these commands a
        /T parameter, this will fix this up for you.

        *** Here are the listing of all the RAMGR Fx keys ***

+---------------------------------------------------------- Command summary +
| (ESC)          Escape back to file area selection list                    |
| (ENTER)        Edit the highlighted file or comment                       |
| (F2)           Edit the description of the highlighted file               |
| (SPACE)        Drop anchor for file block                                 |
| (DEL)          Delete the highlighted file(s)                             |
| (INSERT)       Insert a new file entry at the highlight position          |
| (SHIFT-INSERT) Insert a new comment at the highlight position             |
| (ALT-A)        Adopt orphaned files                                       |
| (ALT-B)        Buffer operations (copy, paste, edit, import, export)      |
| (ALT-C)        Copy highlighted file(s) to another area                   |
| (ALT-D)        Toggle file listing display format (user mode is slower)   |
| (ALT-F)        Find a file (wildcards valid)                              |
| (ALT-G)        Generate a text file from the current area (FILES.BBS)     |
| (ALT-H)        Hurl (move) highlighted file(s) to another area            |
| (ALT-I)        Import a text file as comment lines                        |
| (ALT-K)        Find a file (keyword description search)                   |
| (ALT-M)        Move highlighted file(s) within the current area           |
| (ALT-P)        Put a copy of the highlighted file(s) in any directory     |
| (ALT-R)        Rename the highlighted file                                |
| (ALT-S)        Sort highlighted files                                     |
| (ALT-T)        Touch upload date on highlighted files                     |
| (ALT-U)        Update highlighted entries from DOS information            |
|                                                                           |

  Q.    How do I import a FILE_ID.x into the RA's FDB, without using an
        external utility?

  A.    Here is how to do it:

        1.> Go into the RAMGR and pick a filearea in which you would like
            to do this to.

        2.> Then press ALT-B and this should pop-up:

+---------- Buffer +e    Date    DL#  Last DL   Flags   +-- Keyword --+
| Copy to buffer   |----------------------------------------------------------
| Edit buffer      |
| Paste to comment |       TCS Filelists/NewFiles
| +-to description |
| Import from file |ailable : 4            Average Downloads: 227
| Export to file   |ze      : 654Kb        Total Downloads  : 2045
+------------------+ File   : RAFILES.ZIP  downloaded by 796 users

 CONCESS.ZIP    223145 26-Jan-96 0652 26-Jan-96 F------
 FILESTAT.ZIP     7603 26-Jan-96 0012 23-Jan-96 F------
 NEWFILES.ZIP     6319 26-Jan-96 0492 21-Jan-96 F------
 RAFILES.ZIP    207933 26-Jan-96 0796 26-Jan-96 F------

----------Area 1: TCS Filelists/NewFiles (13 entries) (FREE)-----------+    7+

                              (F1) Command summary

   Well, not necessarily these files that I have on my bbs should appear :)
   But this little box in the upper right hand corner should appear, then
   move the cursor down to the IMPORT FROM FILE:

 +-- Name --+    Size    Date    DL#  Last DL   Flags   +-- Keyword --+

                           TCS Filelists/NewFiles

            Files available : 4            Average Downloads: 227
            Total size      : 654Kb        Total Downloads  : 2045
  +-------------------------------------------------- Import file to buffer +
  |                                                                         |   
 C| ######################################################################  |
 F|                                                                         |
 NEWFILES.ZIP     6319 26-Jan-96 0492 21-Aug-96 F------
 RAFILES.ZIP    207933 26-Jan-96 0796 26-Jan-96 F------

----------Area 1: TCS Filelists/NewFiles (13 entries) (FREE)------------+    7+-

                              (F1) Command summary

    This box should pop up in the center of the screen after you press enter
    on the IMPORT FROM FILE.  Simply, enter the name of the file in which
    you would like to import.  Then press ENTER.  The file will be put into
    RA FDB's Buffer. In which you can edit by bringing up the pop-up menu
    again, but pressing ALT-B and down to EDIT BUFFER.  Then, once you have
    everything setup properly, hit ALT-B again, and move it to the
    +- to description and press ENTER.  Then this will pop up:

 +-- Name --+    Size    Date    DL#  Last DL   Flags   +-- Keyword --+

                           TCS Filelists/NewFiles

            Files available : 4            Average Downloads: 227
            Total size      : 654Kb        Total Downloads  : 2045
+------------------------------------------------ Paste buffer to description +
|                                                                             |
| Paste the buffer into the description of the highlighted file (Y,n,esc)? #  |
|                                                                             |
 NEWFILES.ZIP     6319 26-Jan-96 0492 21-Jan-96 F------
 RAFILES.ZIP    207933 26-Jan-96 0796 26-Jan-96 F------

----------Area 1: TCS Filelists/NewFiles (13 entries) (FREE)-----------+    8+-
Main BBS Files on The Concession Stand, updated nightly! (NO CDs)

                              (F1) Command summary

       Then whichever file you are on it will ask you this question, once
       you hit ENTER the current file description will be erased with the
       one in the buffer.  Then just press F2 and edit the description to
       suit your needs.  It's great to use after you download a files
       description from another RA 2.x bbs!

  Q.   I would love to create different filelist formats with RemoteAccess,
       but I am not an artist, and cannot figure this out.

  A.   Creating different filelist formats isn't that hard to do once you've
       experimented.. Listed below are all of the different options you can
       put in the format..

(Taken from the RA.DOC)

          List Format
          Using this option, you may configure the format in which
          file database entries are displayed to your users.  This is
          accomplished using a template for the display line.  This
          method allows you to completely customize the way in which
          your file lists are presented.  The following table lists
          the macros that are supported within this field as well as
          within the "Missing format" field described in this section.
          {+} Registered only.          

          Macro   String Data Represented by This Macro
          @NE     Filename, uppercase, with extension.
          @NN     Filename, uppercase, no extension.
          @SB     File size in bytes.
          @SK     File size in kilobytes.
          @UL     Name of the file Uploader.
          @UD     Date on which file was uploaded.
          @FD     Actual file date.
          @LD     Date on which the file was last downloaded.
          @TD     Number of times file has been downloaded.
          @Kn     Keyword [n] for the file (where n = 1 to 5).
          @CS     Cost of the file in credits (deducted from user's
          @DF     Formatted description of the file.
          @DU     Unformatted description of the file (also referred
                  to as user mode).
          @FR     Displays (Free) if the file is free, spaces if it is
          @NA     Displays (NotAvail) if the file is marked as not
          @NW     Displays an * character if the file is new, space if
                  it is not.
          @PW     Displays (Password) if the file is password-

Here are some sample formats.  Remember you can only change this if you are
a registered RemoteAccess SysOp.  (For all of the colors look below in the
next section, all of the colors and how to make the "White K" is listed
below:  I left out the colors, but this is the main idea:

@NE @SKk @FD@NW [@TD] Uploaded By: @UL|   @DF

01 FileName.Ext 243k 01-01-80* [0000] Uploaded By: John Doe
   This is where the file description is................................
   And this is where it continues.........

(Note: After the pipe there are three (3) spaces)

@NE @SB @FD@NW [@TD] @DF

01 Filename.Ext 29324 01-01-80* [0000] This is where the description goes and
                                       this is where it continues.....

@FR @NA @PW|+-- @NE @SKk @FD@NW [@TD] Uploaded By: @UL |        @DF

01 (Free) (NotAvail) (Password)
+-- Filename.Ext 234k 01-01-80* [0000] Uploaded By: John Doe
      This is the file description and it keeps going on and on and on.. etc
      This is where it continues....

(Note: Most of the time (Free), (NotAvail), and (Password) will show up, and
       there are seven (7) spaces after the second pipe and before the @DF)
|@NE @SB @FD New: [@NW]
|    + Special_Att: @FR @NA @PW           (Sent to us by Paul Webb)
|    + Description: @DF

Filename.zip 34566 01-01-80 New: [*]
   + Special Att: (Free) (NotAvail) (Password)
   + Description: Formatted Description here....

|@NE (@SKk) @FD@NW @DF

Filename.zip (234k) 01-01-80* Description..........


|+> @NE @SB @FD@NW [@TD] Uploaded by: @UL|     +> @DF

+> Filename.ext 24958 01-01-80* [0000] Uploaded by: John Doe
      +> This is the file description .......

To get the neat little ascii characters such as + hold in the ALT key and
then while it's being held down, press 212 (using the numeric keypad) once
you punch in 212, release the ALT key, and then + should show up)..  fool
around with it until you get it, there are plenty more ascii characters! :-)


        I'll most likely add more in the next release, but this should
        give most of you sysops some ideas on how to improve or replace
        your existing filelist format, if you are going to.

I have one other thing to say, if you add TOO many color codes to your file-
list format, then it will go crazy on you and totally mess it up until you
delete a few color codes or so.  I've experienced this quite a few times
when creating my filelist format......

  Q.    How can i shorten the [0000] 4-digit download counter to [000] 3
        3 digits or [00] 2?

  A.    Right before the @TD for the download counter add a #02 for 2 digits
        or #03 for 3 digits, then you must have to restore the value back at
        normal.. sounds complicated, but it's not.  Watch.

[#02@TD#00]    that would make it read [00].
[#03@TD#00]    that would make it read [000].

Note that the #00 MUST be placed immediately back, or your filelist format
will be totally messed up.

  Q.    How do I add a Zip Comment to a file which was copied from the
        CD-ROM to the HardDrive?

  A.    You should be able to run a batch file from the language prompt:
        "One Moment, Transferring files."  -- Prompt #626

I exported this message which Pete Rocca wrote to someone concerning how
to do this:

In your "Copying files from CDROM" message, do a ^X*C /C PROCESS.BAT *N|
before the prompt, that will execute the program PROCESS.BAT and pass it
the node number.  Then..

@echo off
cd \temp_directory_for_cdrom_files\%1
for %%c in (*.ZIP) do PKZIP %%c -z < COMMENT.TXT
for %%c in (*.ARJ) do ARJ command to insert comment

The files should have new comments when done..... Thanks Pete!

                              - 3 -

 #### Language Editor/Control Codes ####

  Q.    People say that I can change colors in the RACONFIG Language Prompts
        I have always wanted to change a particular word/phrase or letter, how?

  A.    This is not difficult at all. When you are in the Language Editor,
        go find your prompt that you want to edit. Once you find it, you have
        many choices to turn the letters a different color. Here is the color
        codes that RA can support .

        Background        Normal
          Color         Foreground
       Black             0
       Blue              1
       Green             2
       Cyan              3
       Red               4
       Magneta           5
       Brown             6
       Gray              7

       Foregound        Color
         Color            #
       Black              0
       Blue               1
       Green              2
       Cyan               3
       Red                4
       Magneta            5
       Brown              6
       Gray               7
       Dark Gray          8
       Light Blue         9
       Light Green        A
       Light Cyan         B
       Light Red          C
       Light Magneta      D
       Yellow             E
       White              F

       For Example:

   --> K[0A    - Green Foreground on a Black background
   |-> K[3C    - Red Foreground on a Cyan background
 **NOTE** to make a the K, do have to do this in the Language Editor press
   |      Ctrl-P (the cursor should flash), then press Ctrl-K, a White K
   |      should appear in the space where you put it.
   |    Here is an example of a text being edited:
   |    Normal Text Line:  Enter your current password
   |--->  Colorized Text:  Enter your K[0Acurrent password

        This would make the CURRENT PASSWORD change to green.

  Q.    How do I display a textfile immediately after the other text file
        with the new control code?  {+} Registered Command Only.

  A.    Here is my WELCOME.ASC screen for my bbs. Notice the last line below
        doubled line.  The ^K!WELCOME3|

        Hi, ^FW, and welcome back to The Concession Stand!

        We have just added a few new door games, so check them out!
        Blah and blah blah blah..

                         Press ENTER to Continue^A


     The ^K!WELCOME3| will automatically display the text file Welcome3.xxx
     after the user hits Enter (notice the ^A, meaning the user has to hit

     The will work with any textfile. ==AND== in the Language Editor!
     The best textfile to use this feature, which I think, is the file
     ONCEONLY.xxx if you want to display more for the user to see only
     one time, use it on this. It works nicely.

  Q.    How do I put a text file as the prompt in the language editor?

  A.    Just add the ^K!filename| option in there, make sure that you
        have the .ANS/.ASC/.RIP/.AVT made (not everyone has RIP and AVT
        on their bbs).  For instance:

  The language prompt is:

Autologoff in 10 secs; press "!" to disconnect or "S" to remain online.

  Instead of that Autologoff message, you can do this, like what I have


  Which would display the textfile (ANS/ASC/AVT/RIP): it appears like this:

                     [ ^KG, ^KI, ^KJ]

                      Total Time Online: ^FU mins

     * Auto logoff in ten seconds, "!" to disconnect or "S" to Stop *

       Of course I had just given you the ASCII version of it, and my
     colors are not shown up on here, but this is great for you to use!

        -= Please remember that the ^ stands for CTRL. =-

                              - 4 -

 #### Security Level Setup ####

  Q.  How do I edit/create Security Levels?

  A.  In the RACONFIG, there is the feature under Manager.Limits

         File        System        Options        Modem        Manager
---------------------------------------+------------------------------- Edit +
#######################################|                                     |
#+------------------------------ Select| Security 50       57600    0        |
#| Level Time  1200  2400  9600  14400 | Time     45       64000    0        |
#|-------------------------------------| 300      200      Local    1000     |
#| 10    30    0     150   200   350   | 1200     450      RatioNum 0        |
#| 50    45    450   740   1250  1300  | 2400     740      RatioK   0        |
#| 60    90    2500  2500  2500  2500  | 4800     1000     PerMin   0.000    |
#| 61    90    2500  2500  2500  2500  | 7200     1000     FlexTime 0.000    |
#| 81    90    2000  2000  2000  2000  | 9600     1250     Session  0        |
#| 100   800   5000  5000  5000  5000  | 12000    1250     Reset    Never    |
#|                                     | 14400    1300     ResetOfs 0        |
#|                                     | 16800    1500     ResetAmt 0        |
#|                                     | 19200    1500                       |
#|                                     | 21600    1500                       |
#|                                     | 24000    1500                       |
#|                                     | 26400    1500                       |
#|                                     | 28800    1500                       |
#|                                     | 31200    1500                       |
#|                                     | 33600    1500                       |
#+-------------------------------------| 38400    1500                       |
#######################################|                                     |

Time        : Daily Time Limit per day
300 - 64000 : Download Limits per day (BPS)
Local       : Local Daily Download Limit per day
RatioNum    : Download Ratio Limit (number of files)
RatioK      : Download Ratio Limit (in K)
PerMin      : Per Minute Logon Cost (deducted from Credits)
FlexTime    : Credits to deduct after time limit expired.
Session     : Max time limit per session (0=Disabled)
Reset       : How often to reset credits
ResetOfs    : When to reset credits from above field (RESET)
ResetAmt    : Credit Amount to adjust users accout by

                              - 5 -

 #### Miscellaneous Options ####

  Q.    Since I run multinode, how do I obtain a log for each node?

  A.    This is also simple. Where it asks for your System's Log path.
        Enter the path, but instead of just C:\LOGS\RA.LOG do this at
        the field.


        If a user logs on to node 1, then it will produce the log named:


        If a user logs on to node 5, then it will produce the log named:

        C:\LOGS\RA5.LOG  -- etc...

  Q.    How do I get RemoteAccess to display RIP Screens with RemoteAccess?
        I have already made up the RIP Screens, but cannot get them to

  A.    Your RIP screens, MUST have the extension .RIP on them, and they
        must be placed into your textfiles directory (the directory which
        contains all of your ANSI/ASCII files).

  Q.  How do I setup ANSI menus with RemoteAccess?

  A.  This is really quite simple to do, here is the overview then I'll go
      into detail:

+---------------------------------------+  C:\RA\ENGLISH\MENUS\RAMSG.MNU  ++
|                      |***| Display-H  | RAMSG                            |
|                      |'1'| Read msgs  | 14                               |
|                      |'2'| Read msgs  | 15                               |
|                      |'3'| Read msgs  | 16                               |
|                      |'4'| Read msgs  | 13                               |
|                      |'A'| Post msg   | 14 /T=                           |
|                      |'B'| Post msg   | 15 /T=                           |
|                      |'C'| Post msg   | 16 /T=                           |
|                      |'D'| Post msg   | 13 /T=                           |
|                      |'Q'| Clear/Goto | MESSAGES                         |
|                                                                          |
|                                                                          |

here is an overview of the menu itself.  Notice how nothing is displayed in
the DISPLAY column.  Also, notice the first command on the menu DISPLAY-H
with a hotkey of *** (autoexec).  Here's that command:

+-------------------------------------------------------+  Edit Menu Item  ++
|                                                                           |
|          1         2         3         4         5         6         7    |
| 1234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123 |
| ;                                                                         |
|                                                                           |
| RAMSG                                                                     |
|                                                                           |
| Action   Display .ANS/.ASC file with menu HotKeys (Type 40)               |
| Display                                                                   |
| OptData                                                                   |
| HotKey                                                                    |
| AutoExec Yes                                                              |
| Colour   Colour example                                                   |
|                                                                           |
| MinSec   0                  TimeUsed 0                  FlatCost 0        |
| MaxSec   0                  TimeLeft 0                  TimeCost 0        |
| A flags  --------           Age      0                  Terminal Any      |
| B flags  --------           MinSpeed 0                  Nodes             |
| C flags  --------           MaxSpeed 0                  Groups            |
| D flags  --------           Credit   0                  DayTimes          |
|                                                                           |
|                                                                           |

It's a simple TYPE-40 command with the optional data of the ansimenu only
giving the BASE FILE NAME (no extension), and the AUTOEXEC has is set to YES.

On each of the other commands, there MUST BE a semicolon (;) in the display
field what this does is it keeps the menu from not scrolling up, you'll know
what I'm talking about if you forget to put in one.

  Q.    How can I get RemoteAccess to check and download Icons?

  A.    Anthony Haxton sent me a copy of Mike Ehlert's letter on how to
        do this, here it is:

        How to get RemoteAccess to check and download RIP Icons.

* By Mike Ehlert, forwarded by Anthony Haxton.

>> the most difficult thing to implement was to have my top menu
>> check to see if the user had my icons in their terminal already
>> or not, and if they didn't have them I send them over automaticly.
>Would you mind telling me how you managed to do it? :-)

In my top menu, I have several auto-execute menu options, and the last two
look like this:

      |***| Display-H  | RIPCHECK
      |***| Goto menu  | MAIN

So the file RIPCHECK.RIP is displayed just before the main menu is entered,
(if the user is using RIP of cource). This RIP file asks the users terminal
if they already have a particular ICON file. The users RIP returns a "1" if
they do, or a "0" if they don't. Here is how my RIPCHECK.RIP looks:


So this checks the users icon directory for pcm-file.icn, and if it does not
exits, then RIP "presses" the "0" key, which i check for in my main.mnu, and
that hotkey runs (gosubs) my loadicon.menu:

        |***| Display    | RIPICONS
        |***| Execute    | c:\protocols\dsz.com port *p sz c:\icons\*.*
        |***| Return     |

So this menu first sends a RIP file to inform the users terminal that an
icon download is about to take place via zmodem, and then it runs a type-7
which uses DSZ.COM to zmodem the icons to the user, after which it returns
to the main menu.

RIPICONS.RIP looks like this:

!|1U1617GJ2X0000<>Reciving Icon Images...<>|9^[07020000*.ICN<>

(Note that the 1st line is a real ctrl-l not the "^L" characters)
(and the ^[ character is really an ESC character)

This displays a fancy window to the user, telling them they are recieving
icons, and then tells their terminal to start recieving icons via zmodem.

Regards,  Mike

  Q.    How can I get RemoteAccess not to echo the password characters?

  A.    Simply go into the RACONFIG->OPTIONS->SYSTEM->Pwd Echo: _

        Then in there use the DELete key to erase the current key, and
        hold in the ALT key then by using the numeric keypad hit 0, then
        release the ALT key, nothing should be in the box (it's ALT-0)
        Hit ESC and then save it..  reboot RA and see what happens..
        when it prompts you to type in your password, NOTHING should be
        echoed after the password prompt.

        Be sure to update your Password language prompt in the RACONFIG...
        I have mine set to:

        Password (no echo):

        Also, note that using the DELete key instead of a ALT-0 would
        appear to work; however, if you setup the User's Input text say
        White on Blue, and the user mistyped a letter of their password
        then hit backspace to fix it, the cursor placement would be a
        little out of whack...  just a note..

  Q.    How can I automatically post a message to a user whose account
        has had a incorrect password attempt?

  A.    Go into the RACONFIG->OPTIONS->SYSTEM->Watchdog Areas: _
        simply supply a message area and then create a textfile in your
        system's directory (e.g. C:\RA) named WATCHDOG.MSG.

        My WATCHDOG.MSG looks like this:

    This message is to inform you that on the date and time this message
    was created, an  attempt was made to logon to this system using your
    account. However, this attempt failed due to incorrect password entry.
    If this was you, disregard this message. If this was NOT you, then be
    advised that someone has tried to gain access under your user account.

                                                 Eric Staufer

  Q.    How do I get the ESCape, TAB, BackSpace, and ENTER keys as hotkeys?

  A.    It's not that difficult.  Come time to enter the hotkey, do this:

    Hit CTRL-P (cursor will blink) then the key.

    If you did it correct, this is what should come up:

o ESC Key   .. White [ .. then disappears .. then a little <-- will show up
o ENTER Key .. White M .. then disappears .. then a music not will show up
o TAB Key   .. White I .. then disappears .. then a diamond will show up
o BackSpace .. White H .. then disappears .. then a diamond in a shade shows

  What I mean by disappears, after you hit Enter and save the hotkey it will
  go blank, and no hotkey will appear to be recorded, however it will still
  be there.  Then when you go back to the whole menu display (after exiting
  the edit a command function), the arrow, music note, diamond, or diamond
  in a shade will show up for the keys.

  These special commands can come in handy, especially if you're a registered
  RA SysOp.   I have ESC as a global command to goto my Files Menu, TAB to go
  to my Doors Menu, and BackSpace to goto my Message Menu (I dont use ENTER
  as any of my commands).

  Q.    How come users are logging in at 64000bps?

  A.    If your users are logging in at 64000bps, go into the RACONFIG
        and then to the modem setting, check to see that ALL of your
        CONNECT MESSAGES are filled in properly.

  Q.    How come everytime someone logs onto the bbs, it says that
        there is an event scheduled in a few minutes?

  A.    Make sure that there isnt a DOBBSx.BAT file residing in your main
        \RA directory or in your mailer directory.

  Q.    How can I make users have default preferences when they logon?
        Some users are complaining to me about having a newfiles search
        and mail check at logon, while others want it, and some of them
        dont even want to be prompted if they want to have it or not.
        So, here's a method you can use.

  A.    This can be all done through a questionnaire off of the TOP.MNU.
        A sample one is below.

Display "|"
Display "|"
ChangeColor 7 0
Display "You will be asked some questions about your logon preferences.
You will|"
Display "only see this set of questions once, unless it's modified later
Display "|"
Display "|"
ChangeColor 3 0
Display "At logon, would you like to scan for mail in your [0Fmailbox[03?
(Y/N): "
GetChoice YN 1
If 1 = "Y"
SetFlag B1 ON
If 1 = "N"
SetFlag B1 OFF
Display "|"
ChangeColor 7 0
Display "Okay, remember, if you post me a message and expect a reply, you
Display "going to have to do a mail-box search off of the Message Menu,
ChangeColor 3 0
Display "|"
Display "At logon, would you like to scan for [0FNew Files[03? (Y/N): "
GetChoice YN 2
If 2 = "Y"
SetFlag B2 ON
If 2 = "N"
SetFlag B2 OFF
Display "|"
Display "At logon, would you like to see the [0FOneLiners [03Door? (Y/N): "
GetChoice YN 3
If 3 = "Y"
SetFlag B3 ON
If 3 = "N"
SetFlag B3 OFF
Display "|"
Display "At logon, would you like to be shown [0FWho[03'[0Fs Online[03?
(Y/N): "
GetChoice YN 4
If 4 = "Y"
SetFlag B4 ON
If 4 = "N"
SetFlag B4 OFF
ChangeColor 7 0
Display "|"
Display "|"
Display "Thank you for filling this out, if you would like to change any of|"
Display "your defaults you can do so off of the Main Menu by pressing 'C'.|"
Display "|"
Display "[03Press [07ENTER [03to Continue[08]:[03"
SetFlag B8 ON


I had to wrap some parts of a line to the next line due to the importing of
the questionnaire..


Mail-box Search uses flag B1
New Files Search uses flag B2
OneLiners door uses flag B3
Who's Online program uses flag B4

After the users finishes the questionnaire, it turns Flag B8 ON, so that they
will never have to see this questionnaire again.. 

Now whats all on the Top.Mnu (in this order):

 Display       Menu Type/Command           Opt.Data:     Flags:
   ;           Type 12 (Execute Q-A)       defaults      B8 set to 'O'
   ;           Type 22 (Mailbox Scan)              B1 set to 'X'
   ;           Type 37 (New Files Scan)    /T /K=Y       B2 set to 'X'  {+}
   ;           Type 7  (Execute Door)      blah blah     B3 set to 'X'
   ;           Type 7  (Execute Door)      blah blah     B4 set to 'X'

{+} The /K=Y which inputs a 'Y'es for the new files scan will only work if
    your copy of RemoteAccess is registered...

The last two Type 7's were for my OneLiners and Who's Online Doors...

Last two important things...  In the RACONFIG, Mail Scan & New files Scan
must be set to 'NO'

Last thing, I also put this questionnaire as an option off of my Change Your
Info Menu, so that they can change their default values at anytime.. 

  Q.    I dont want to use the built in file area listing, and I cant
        use the external textfile FILEAREA.??? because if I do that,
        then some of my users who have a lower security level will
        see areas which they arent supposed to.  How can I get around

  A.    Here's what one of the users had sent me pertaining to this:

     Phillip Macartney had sent me this:

     One thing that has annoyed me for over a year was the hard coded
     'File area list' as I wanted a two column list but numbered down the
     page (to keep like areas together) & as I have some restricted areas,
     even shuffling the areas around wouldn't fix the problem! Also because
     I have areas that all users are not to see using FILEAREA.??? was not
     the answer.

     So the solution I worked out is make an empty file called FILEAREA.ASC
     in the TXTFILES directory & make a number of ans/asc displays of the
     file areas put them into the TXTFILES directory, make the area select
     command goto another menu set this menu up to AutoExec a TYPE 5 Menu &
     display the appropriate ans/asc area list for the appropriate security
     level/flags/age (repeat as many times as nessary for all the different
     security levels) after these a TYPE 50 Select File Area AutoExec (this
     will only display the "select area" prompt) finally a TYPE 1 Goto
     another menu AutoEexec to return to the file menu (this is working fine
     on my BBS, the only problem I have at the moment is having to have a
     press ENTER to continue prompt on the bottom of the area list).

  Q.    How do I setup different ANSi menus on my board for different
        security levels?

  A.    On my board, I did the this... And it's very simple to do, but
        I had MANY questions about it.

        All you have to do is:

 Keep setting up different Type-40 Commands with the menus, but make sure
 you limit the MinSec and MaxSec to fit your standards.

 Display:   Hotkey:   MenuCmnd:                Opt. Data:   MinSec:  MaxSec:
    ;         ***     Type 40 (ANS w/hotkeys)   MAIN           0       49
    ;         ***     Type 40 (ANS w/hotkeys)   MAIN50         50      50
    ;         ***     Type 40 (ANS w/hotkeys)   MAIN           51      0

In this example, the screen MAIN will be shown to users from SL 0-49, 51-65535
And then, the screen MAIN51 will be ONLY shown to users with SL of 51.

                              - 6 -

 ###### Multiple Hotkey Setup ######

  Everyone wants to be able to have multiple hotkeys within RemoteAccess.

  Well, without setting up tons of menuing and making your users get rid
  of their "hotkey" flag, you know the thing which allows you punch in
  a menu item while the menu is being displayed.. You can simply have your
  menu a questionnaire!   Yep, thats right, a questionnaire.  This enables
  you to have SEVERAL hotkeys (heck ones even upto 30+ hotkeys!).

  Here's a sample questionnaire on how I run my Doors Menu with double
  digit hotkeys (ie 10, 11, 12, etc).

  This is very easy to follow, even if you dont know what you are doing with
  questionnaires.   First, I will show you the questionnaire, then I will
  redisplay it for you on what is what with the questionnaire.

DisplayFile DOORS
Display "Your Selection: "
Ask 2 1
If 1 = "1"
MenuCmnd 7 *C /c c:\ra\tradewar.bat *N *UTradeWars *M
If 1 = "2"
MenuCmnd 7 *C /c c:\ra\pit1.bat *N *UThe_Pit *M
Goto Loop
If 1 = "3"
MenuCmnd 7 *C /c c:\ra\bre.bat *N *UBRE *M
Goto Loop
If 1 = "10"
MenuCmnd 7 *C /c c:\ra\bbslist.bat *N *D *UBBSLIST *M
Goto Loop
If 1 = "11"
MenuCmnd 7 *C /c c:\ra\ezhang.bat *N *UHangMan *M
Goto Loop
If 1 = "18"
MenuCmnd 7 *C /c c:\ra\usurper.bat *N *UUsurper *M
Goto Loop
If 1 = "20"
MenuCmnd 7 *C /c c:\ra\fishing.bat *N *UFishing *M
Goto Loop
If 1 = ""
Goto Loop
If 1 = "/"
MenuCmnd 4 MainMenu
If 1 = "P"
MenuCmnd 7 c:\ra\icechat\icechat.exe *! *UIceChat *M
Goto Loop
If 1 = "G"
MenuCmnd 4 Logoff
If 1 = "Q"
MenuCmnd 4 MainMenu


step by step now:

:LOOP                      <-- main loop of the questionnaire
ClearScreen                <-- clears the screen
DisplayFile DOORS          <-- displays the ans/asc/rip screen "Doors"
Display "Your Selection: " <-- my menu prompt
Ask 2 1                    <-- asks for a 2 character input/question #1
If 1 = "1"                 <-- hotkey #1
MenuCmnd 7 *C /c c:\ra\tradewar.bat *N *UTradeWars *M  <-- run tradewars
Goto LOOP                  <-- back to the loop and display file/prompt
EndIf                      <-- gotta be here to end the IF
If 1 = "2"                 <-- hotkey #2
MenuCmnd 7 *C /c c:\ra\pit1.bat *N *UThe_Pit *M  <-- run ThePit
Goto Loop                  <-- back to the loop and display file/prompt
EndIf                      <-- end the if statement
If 1 = "10"                <-- HotKey #10
MenuCmnd 7 *C /c c:\ra\bbslist.bat *N *D *UBBSLIST *M <-- runs BBSLIST
Goto Loop                  <-- goes back to the loop
EndIf                      <-- ends the IF statement
If 1 = "20"                <-- HotKey #20
MenuCmnd 7 *C /c c:\ra\fishing.bat *N *UFishing *M    <-- runs Fishing
Goto Loop                  <-- back to the loop
EndIf                      <-- ends the IF
If 1 = ""                  <-- if the user hits "ENTER" as a hotkey
Goto Loop                      it will go back to the loop, then
EndIf                          ends the if
If 1 = "/"                 <-- HotKey / to go back to the main menu
MenuCmnd 4 MainMenu        <-- Clear Gosubs/Goto Menu "MainMenu"
EndIf                      <-- Ends the if statement
If 1 = "P"                 <-- HotKey P
MenuCmnd 7 c:\ra\icechat\icechat.exe *! *UIceChat *M  <-- brings up IceChat
Goto Loop                  <-- yep.. back to the loop 
EndIf                      <-- ends the if
If 1 = "G"                 <-- HotKey G
MenuCmnd 4 Logoff          <-- goes to my logoff menu using Menu Type 4
EndIf                      <-- ends the if
If 1 = "Q"                 <-- HotKey Q 
MenuCmnd 4 MainMenu        <-- goes back to the main menu
EndIf                      <-- ends the If Statement


if the user inputs an invalid hotkey, say 9S or something, my questionnaire 
brought me back to the main menu..

simply to pull up this "menu" from another menu, it's just this command from 
another menu:

Hotkey:        Menu Command:       "Opt.Data":
~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~
  D                12               DOORMENU 

Even some people have now setup their mainmenus as a questionnaire, having
such hotkeys as FILES, DOORS, and QWK, etc..

Just follow the sample above, and you're capable of doing just about anything
that a menu can do as far as menu commands are concern.

                              - 7 -

  Q.    How can I do FAX with RemoteAccess?

  A.    Download the latest copy of BGFax, and then following this
        guide sheet:

in RACONFIG.MODEM.COMMANDS the following setting should work:

Please NOTE that this setup worked for my old Zoom 28.8 modem...
check into BGFAX's docs for other modem setups..

init-1:  ATZ+FCR=1;+FDCC=1,5,0,2,0,0,0,0|
init-2:  AT+FLID="407 569 6568"|
Busy  :  ~ATH1|
Answer:  AT+FAA=1;A|

since the RACONFIG only allows 2 init strings, and three would be nice to
have, you can always add your init string that you use to one of the others,
remember, this size of the init string are really big in the RACONFIG.

(I added on the Z to the first init 1 string right after the "AT" this should
reset your modem to the init string in it's memory).

Sub in your modem for the init-2.


set an errorlevel for FAX

For this example I will be using errorlevel 105

in your main batch file that you run RA, have something in there like this:

if errorlevel 105 goto fax

bgfax /fast c:\bgfax\in 1 Z
goto recycle

If /fast doesn't work try /fcon instead.  The '1' means com1 and the Z
mean ZyXEL fax format.  A 'Q' can be used instead for Quick Link II Fax

Most of this stuff should work for you, different modems have different ways
to show a connection of a fax... take for instance, my Zoom 28.8 shows a
connect like this:


It doesnt have any of that CONNECT stuff.. if you download BGFax, it'll have
a help file in it, just unzip it, and then it will have many different
textfiles in there, ones for Hayes 288's, USR DS's, Supra, and a few others.

* Trouble Shooting:
+--> I use this setup in shell to mailer mode.  This should work fine with
     just RemoteAccess by itself, since it has a CONNECT and an ERRORLEVEL
     field. If for SOME reason after you receive a fax and then someone calls
     up and your board says, "Times up for today, call back tomorrow" or some-
     thing close to that, there is a DOBBS0.BAT in your \RA directory.  You
     must delete that after every incoming fax.  This should really not happen
     if you are just loading RA by itself, because the DOBBSx.BAT is created
     by a mailer.  Just a quick note if you do see something like this..and..
     yes, you can use this to setup BGFax with FrontDoor or another mailer...

  Q.    How can i shorten the [0000] 4-digit download counter to [000] 3
        3 digits or [00] 2?

  A.    Right before the @TD for the download counter add a #02 for 2 digits
        or #03 for 3 digits, then you must have to restore the value back at
        normal.. sounds complicated, but it's not.  Watch.

[#02@TD#00]    that would make it read [00].
[#03@TD#00]    that would make it read [000].

Note that the #00 MUST be placed immediately back, or your filelist format
will be totally messed up.

###### RA.Q&A ######

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