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NetSerial Screen Shots

NetSerial Configuration - Outbound Mode
This allows you to define the COM port properties for an Outbound connection,
Which automaticly connects to the Server IP Address and TCP port when an
application has opened the defined Virtual COM port.                                       

NetSerial Configuration - Inbound Mode
This allows you to define the COM port properties for an Inbound connection,
Which automaticly accepts an incoming connection on the defined Inbound TCP
port once an application has opened the defined COM port.                             

NetSerial Configuration - Virtual Modem Mode
This allows you to define the COM port properties for a Virtual Modem
connection, which emulates a modem by accepting and responding to     
Modem AT commands sent by the application software. This allows the
software to be told to "Dial" an IP address or hostname instead of a phone
number. This mode can optionally allow Inbound Connections, causing the
Virtual Modem to send a RING to the application software which can then
tell the Virtual Modem to "Answer" the call, just as if it was a phone line.   

    NetSerial port Selector
This allows up to 256 Virtual COM ports to be created by NetSerial.
Each Virtual COM port can be independently configured for any of the
three modes, and outbound mode ports can each be configured for      
different IP addresses if desired.                                                           

    NetSerial Outbound Server Connection Test
This Test is exclusivly for Outbound Mode. It allows you to confirm that NetSerial is
able to establish a connection with the defined Server IP, and determins if the Server
supports the Telnet Protocol and the COM Port Control RFC-2217 telnet enhancment.

    NetSerial Montor - Status
This allows viewing all the Virtual COM ports defined, and shows the current settings of any active
COM ports, including the current baud rate, line settings, and IP address of the remote connection.

    NetSerial Monitor - Trace
This allows viewing or collecting a log of the data passed to and from the Virtual COM port, including        
changes to the baud rate and line settings, and the data stream. In the above example NetSerial is               
connected to the NetModem Server, and you can view the Modem AT commands and modem responses.
The trace data can be displayed in either ASCII or Hexadecimal format. These logs can provide debugging
information to either your own IT staff, or be sent to our support engineers to assist with troubleshooting.    


For additional information on how NetSerial functions, please refer to the Users Guide

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