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MPNT Support - If the client connection icon has a Red X or Red circle

When the MPNT client connection icon shows a Red X or a Red Circle, this indicates it is unable to connect to the MPNT server. Double click this icon to bring up the Client Pop-Up window, and click the "Event Log" to see what the error message says.

Event Message: Can not connect to a SpartaCom MPNT Server. (Event Code 0x0)

Event Message: No Resource Pool has been allocated. (Event Code 0x0)

Possible causes:

This error may occur if a firewall is preventing access to MPNT Server.
1. Try disabling any Firewall software on the MPNT Server PC.
2. With the Firewall disabled, open the SpartaCom Client Pop-up on the client PC, and from the Configuration Tab attempt to reconnect to the server.
3. If this works, you will need to define a rule in your Firewall to allow the client to access the server.

This error may indicate that no resource has been allocated to the user. Normally, the user can access the port directly in Hyperterminal and add a modem successfully under Windows. However, the client connection icon in the system tray remains gray with a red X.

1. Open the SpartaCom Administrator
2. Open the Spartacom Users tree and highlight the user.
3. Right-click and select Properties
4. Verify that the Disabled box is checked gray for inherited rights.
5. With the user still highlighted, Select the drop down and choose Resource Allocation
6. On the right-hand window you should see a table that will show the Resources allocated to that user.
This box can represent 3 different states.

Grayed: The setting indicates that the property will be inherited and is defined at an upper level.
Empty: The item is enabled (with no inherited rights).
Checked (black): The item is disabled

This error may occur if an invalid path to the server and resource is set in any network com ports in MPNT client.

1. Verify the network path for each com port in SpartaCom MPNT Client in Control Panel, i.e. "\\server_name\spartacom resources" is correct. Verify the path at the MPNT Server under SpartaCom Administrator.
2. Otherwise, you may have a network connection problem. Make sure you can login directly to the MPNT server as a user.
3. Make sure to detect your modem on the network com port (redirected port) before attempting to use your software.



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