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Modem Pooling for NT (MPNT) is a legacy modem sharing software for Windows Server. MPNT defines pools of modems on a Windows Server machine to be accessed by any 32-bit Microsoft client (Win 3.x, 9.x, ME, NT4, XP, 2000 and 2003) on the network. This bulletproof solution eliminates the need to place costly modems and phone lines at every workstation on the network. 

MPNT is quick and easy to set up. Simply install the Server Administrator on an NT/2000/2003 Server, and select the desired resources for the modem pools. Next, install the MPNT client software on the computers that require access to the modem pools. 

This adds a "Virtual COM Port" to the clients. Point all communication applications to the "Virtual COM port" and that's it– modem sharing is accomplished! 

MPNT is not limited to simple COM port redirection. It gives total control of outbound communications to the administrator. With features such as access control, connection time limits, duration time limits and number banning (blocking), usage policies can be established and automatically enforced for an individual or for an entire group. 

MPNT also collects and stores real-time traffic statistics, allowing reports to be generated for any time period. Details such as the number of calls, modem usage, and call length are captured. Reports can be generated at the resource, user, group, or even company level to instantly identify bottlenecks and other potential problems.

MPNT tightly integrates with other software applications. Compatibility with Microsoft Remote Access Service (RAS) allows devices that were previously dedicated to specific tasks to be used for outbound dialing. This flexibility utilizes existing resources to the fullest capacity. Additionally, MPNT shares a common interface with Acctrol for RAS, which provides the same reporting and control features for inbound callers as MPNT provides for outbound dialers.

From simple COM port redirection to control over an advanced communications server, MPNT reduces the need for additional modems and phone lines by maximizing your current communications infrastructure.


Free upgrade available: Due to MPNT becoming a legacy product which will have no further updates, PC Micro is providing our customers a free upgrade path to the NetModem Modem Pooling Server. NetModem is considerably more advanced, and includes support for Active Directory User authentication , and SSL/TLS encryption. Click Here for upgrade details.

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