The original FILE_ID.DIZ importer for the RemoteAccess File Manager (RAMGR).

GET-DIZ is an add-on utility for the RemoteAccess 2.xx File Manager. It allows you to quickly scan some or all files in the current area for FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI file descriptions, and each time one is found it puts that description into RA's FDB (file data base) even if a different description existed there already.

In addition to RAMGR.EXE, GET-DIZ also requires a KeyBoard Input Simulator, such as KIS by Robert Van Hoven.
PUT-DIZ does the opposite of GET-DIZ. It creates FILE_ID.DIZ in archives that do not already have one.

Download GET-DIZ 1.3
Download PUT-DIZ 0.1
Download KIS 1.01

The History of GET-DIZ
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