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Using Winfax Pro with NetModem


NetModem allows Winfax Pro to be used by desktop PC's which do not have a modem, by redirecting to a remote modem located on another Windows PC over a network. This is done by installing the NetModem Server software on a PC where the modem(s) are physically located, and installing NetModem Client on each PC which uses Winfax. The NetModem Client creates a virtual COM port, which you will need to install your modem driver on. Then configure Winfax to use this modem driver. You will need to use a modem that supports Class 2 (or 2.x) fax.

NetModem Client should be configured with the "Synchronize with server during COM port open" option enabled, which is found under the Advanced button in the NetModem Client configuration.

Configure Winfax for Class 2 or Class 2.0 fax

Winfax defaults to using Class 1 fax, which is not reliable over a Network connection. Please review our Faxing Issues support page for details on how to configure Winfax for either class 2 or 2.0.

Configure Winfax to close the Winfax Controller after sending a fax

Winfax defaults to leaving the Winfax controller running after a fax is sent, which holds the modems COM port open while it waits for incoming calls. This prevents other NetModem Clients from accessing this modem.
If you are using Winfax only to send faxes, you should configure it to automatically close the Winfax Controller when not in use, by taking these steps:

1. In the WinFax Pro Program Setup, double-click Call Status and Controller.
2. Select Close Automatically from the When not in use section at the bottom.
3. Click OK, and click Close.


TroubleShooting issues in Winfax

If you encounter any issues running Winfax with NetModem Client, please start by reviewing our Faxing Issues support page.
Confirm you have taken the following steps:

1. Verified that NetModem Client is working with Hyperterminal.
2. Verified that your modem supports Class 2 or Class 2.x.
3. Verified that you have configured Winfax for Class 2 or 2.0 (the same class your modem supports).

If you continue to have an issue, try using Winfax connecting directly to a local modem (to eliminate NetModem Client as a possible cause). If Winfax is successful only when bypassing NetModem Client, please contact us for assistance.

If Winfax still fails to function properly when connected directly to a physical modem, then review the relative pages on Symantecs web site:

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Purchasing WinFax

Symantec discontinued sales and support of Winfax Pro in November 2006.
You may be able to still purchase it from Amazon.com


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