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NetModem is licensed by the number of COM ports (or Modems) being shared from a single PC where the NetModem Server software is installed. The license allows the NetModem Client software to be installed on an unlimited number of PC's (both on a LAN and remotely). Licensing is perpetual and never expires.

As of version 3.0, NetModem licensing includes the SSL/TLS Encryption option at no additional charge. Encryption requires an SSL Certificate (Either signed by a Certificate Authority or Self-Signed using the OpenSSL toolkit). Our staff can assist you with configuring your own Certificate. An example SSL Certificate is included with NetModem Server which should not be used for production since it contains a known password.

Additional ports can be added to existing licensing for a price of $75.00 USD per port. Please contact us to purchase additional ports, or if you wish to purchase a licensing for a number of ports that are not listed. Licensing is available for up to 1024 physical modem ports per server.

Licenses for multiple servers can not have their port counts combined into one server, nor can one server's ports be split into multiple servers.

License certificates are provided electronically in PDF format. The license certificate contains a NetModem Server License key which removes the 30 day limitation. Lifetime technical support and point updates are included. Our support hours are 7:00AM - 8:00 PM PST Monday-Friday, and limited hours on weekends and holidays.

If you are a consultant or reseller, please provide the end user company name and address for our records, which can be entered into the "ship to" field of the checkout form. There is no physical shipment since NetModem is electronically licensed and downloadable.

Please download the fully functional evaluation before ordering. Refunds are not available once a license key has been issued.





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