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Remote Access to a DOS Command Prompt or console mode application. On-line Store

Version 2.32 released October 20, 2006

Doorway is a DOS program that allows DOS console mode applications to be accessed from a remote PC, either over a Modem, a Serial Port, or a Telnet connection. DOORWAY is compatible with most Terminal Programs, allowing remote access of all the PC Keyboard keys including function and arrow keys. DOORWAY was often used with BBS software to allow remote users to run DOS text-mode applications as if they were a BBS door".

Doorway can replace a basic DOS CTTY redirector, allowing full compatiblity with any console mode DOS appliction from a remote PC terminal program, such as ProComm Plus, Telex, Terminate or Qmodem.

Doorway includes a HOST (Server) and a CLIENT (Terminal) modem programs for full functionality without needing 3rd party software, and it's compatible with most other DOS communication software. Doorway is also compatible with telnet access under Windows32 by using NetFoss.


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