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pcAnywhere with a ModemSharing Client

If pcAnywhere fails with "Error Initializing Modem".

The most common cause for this is if the modem device which was selected in pcAnywhere no longer exists, or was set to use a COM port which no longer exists. For example, if pcAnywhere was configured for a specific modem, and you later delete that modem device (driver) from the Windows control panel (under Phone and Modem options) and you re-add the modem device driver again, pcAnywhere will not be aware of the change.

To solve this issue, open pcAnywhere and click on either the "Be a Host" tab or the "Remote Control" tab, then left-click on the word "Modem" below and chose "Properties". This will cause pcAnywhere to verify that the selected modem device (driver) still exists, and if it's missing it will inform you, and will allow you to select a new modem device (driver) which does exist.


If pcAnywhere dials and connects, but then you get only a black window.

Make sure that the modem driver being used on the Client's virtual COM port is an exact match with the modem driver being used on the Modem Server computer. Mismatched modem drivers will cause some applications including pcAnywhere and DUN to fail.

Make sure you have a compatible version of pcAnywhere. Version 8.00 is known to have problems when used over a network, so you need at least version 8.02 or later. Previous versions of PC Anywhere did not allow using networked modems due to timing restrictions.

There are many other reasons pcAnywhere could connect with a black window, which are listed at a mirror of Symantec's support notes here: https://service1.symantec.com/SUPPORT/pca.nsf/docid/199753082441

If you are still unable to resolve the issue, try installing pcAnywhere directly on the Modem Server computer and see if you still have the issue or not when communicating directly with the real modem (bypassing the network). If this does not work, then you will know the problem is not related to the modem sharing software. If it does work when Dialing directly from the modem, but does not work when Dialing though the Clients virtual COM port, then please contact support@pcmicro.com for further assistance.



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