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SimpleComTools, LLC
Serial Stream-SMTP
SimpleComTools, LLC
SMTP Message Test/ Display Feature
Ensuring SMTP Server connectivity and message transfer is essential to the system setup, so the
Serial Stream-SMTP software includes a SMTP message Test and Transaction Display. Once
you have configured the SMTP server, user account, password, recipients and message text  –
you are free to use the Test/Display to test message transport. You will see the complete SMTP
session authentication and transfer. This can be very helpful when debugging mail problems.
Serial Stream-SMTP Status Bar
At the bottom on the main configuration/display screen, you will notice a Serial Port status bar.
This is designed to display the current state of each switch, as well as the PC Date and Time.  
When setup is completed, and SMTP tests verified, select File/Save to store the configuration. 
To hide the application from view, select Options/Hide. 
The application will now show as running in the Windows taskbar.
Setup is now complete. 
For further assistance, you can contact your Serial Stream-SMTP dealer or contact us at