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NetModem and Microsoft RAS for Dialin

While NetModem is primarily designed for Dialout usage, it can also be used to allow modem based server applications such as pcAnywhere to allow Dialin access on a modem. Because this could be a security issue, NetModem Server also has an option to block any incoming modem calls on some or all modem pools. When using NetModem for incoming calls, it is important to keep in mind that when a particular client application holds a COM port open as it waits for an incoming call, this prevents other clients from being able to access that particular COM port (until the COM port is closed).

By enabling Microsoft Remote Access Service (RAS) on the NetModem Server computer, you can allow the same modem pool to be used for both Dialout (handled by NetModem), and Dialin access to your network (handled by RAS) without any conflicts. Before NetModem provides a shared modem to a user, it will first ask RAS if a modem is currently not in use. If RAS responds that a modem is available, NetModem will borrow it from RAS and provide it to the client user. After the users application closes that modems COM port, NetModem returns the modem to RAS so it can be used for Dialin again.

To allow NetModem Server to share modems with RAS, you must enable the 'Support RAS Sharing" checkbox found in the NetMmodem Server pool properties.





For more information on using Microsoft RAS, visit our:
Microsoft Remote Access Service Support Page



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