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NetModem Unattended Installation Tips

NetModem's MSI installers allows unattended installs, either with or without a Configuration Snapshot.
Unattended installs simplify mass deployments by bypassing the GUI interface prompts of the installer.

Basic Unattended installs

In order to pass command line options to an .MSI installer, the MSIEXEC.EXE program needs to be involked.
The following MSIEXEC command line options can be used for unattended installs:

Option - Description

/q or /quiet - Quiet mode, no user interaction. Used for unattended installs.
/qb or /passive - Unattended mode, progress bar only.
/x or /uninstall - Uninstalls the product.
/l or /log - Logging Options. The following log options are supported:

/l[i|w|e|a|r|u|c|m|o|p|v|x|+|!|*] <LogFile>

i - Status messages
w - Nonfatal warnings
e - All error messages
a - Start up of actions
r - Action-specific records
u - User requests
c - Initial UI parameters
m - Out-of-memory or fatal exit information
o - Out-of-disk-space messages
p - Terminal properties
v - Verbose output
x - Extra debugging information
+ - Append to existing log file
! - Flush each line to the log
* - Log all information, except for v and x options

/log <LogFile>


   MSIEXEC /i NetModemClient_330_x86.msi /quiet

or to see the progress bar during the install, use the following command line:

  MSIEXEC /i NetModemClient330.msi /qb

What is a Configuration Snapshot?

A configuration snapshot is a replica of the configuration settings which are exported from the registry,
to simplify mass deployment of NetModem Client. It can also be used to simplify applying global
changes to existing deployments.

The Configuration Snapshot file contains all the configuration settings in NetModem Client, such as:

  • The list of selected virtual COM ports

  • The IP Address and TCP port of the server(s)

  • The Modem Pool to connect to

  • Authentication options

  • SSL/TLS Encryption settings

  • "Multiple Failover" Server lists

  • Advanced setting options, including IPv6 support

Creating a Configuration Snapshot

First install NetModem Client on one PC and configure the Virtual COM ports and options as desired.
Next run the Snapshot Utility to create a configuration snapshot (.REG) file.

The configuration snapshot file can then be used on an MSIEXEC installer command line to install
the identical settings on other PC's during deployment.

Using the Configuration Snapshot Utility

You can use the snapshot utility to create a snapshot of current NetModem Client configuration settings.
Download the snapshot utility here: NMCsnapshot.zip

Run NMCsnapshot.exe and it will prompt you to select a path and filename. If a path is omitted,
the filename will be created in the current folder. The filename should end with the .REG extention.

Once the .REG file has been created, its location can be passed on the MSIEXEC command line
to automatically setup identical configurations of NetModem Client during an unattended install.


  MSIEXEC /i NetModemClient330.msi CONFIG="c:\NMC.REG" /qb

The parameter: CONFIG="c:\path\filename.reg" adds a snapshot configuration file to the registry.
The quote marks must be included only if the filename contains spaces. The path to the snapshot
configuration file must be an absolute path (relative paths are not permitted).

Note: MSIEXEC.EXE does not allow the /q or /quiet option when passing a configuration parameter,
so the /qb parameter should be used, which will provide a progress bar during the unattended
installation. To avoid the initial UAC elevation prompt, the MSIEXEC command line should be
performed from an Administrator Command Prompt.

Unattended signed modem driver install/uninstall Utilities

Signed Modem drivers can be installed unattended by using our Modem Driver Install Tool.
To remove existing modem drivers unattended, MS DevCon (Device Manager Console tool) can be used.
Download the Modem Driver Install Tool and DevCon here: ModemInstall.zip

Be sure to select the proper edition (x64 or x86) of the tools, to match the edition of Windows.





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