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Using NetModem with a Digi Acceleport RAS card

There is a known issue with using NetModem with some Acceleport 4/8 RAS cards that are using an early version of the firmware.

Symptom: The modem will fail to respond to any AT commands sent from a NetModem Client.

Solution: Update the Digi firmware (FEP) on the Acceleport RAS product.

  1. Download the latest FEP file from the Digi web site.
  2. Locate the existing FEP file.
  3. Rename the existing file to x.old. EG: fepdense.bin to fepdense.old.
  4. Copy the new FEP file to the correct directory depending on the Operating System, and rename.
  5. Shutdown and restart the system for the new FEP to take effect.

The location and name of firmware binary for Windows is:

Download the current firmware from here:





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