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Subject: Play Modem/Serial games over INET
Date: 1996/09/25
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  I've scrapped the NetFossil project.... but all's not lost.
NetFossil had been transformed into VCom, a package that goes one step
beyond NetFossil in that it emulates a 16550 UART, so theoretically it
will work with any program that has modem/serial support!  The
potential uses are endless: Telenetable BBSes, "null-modem" emulation
over internet for gaming, etc...  About 75% of the project is
complete, and I may release a beta when I've completed more.  I will
put up a demo of a telnetable Renegade BBS using VCOM either today or
tomorrow, so check the page!

-Runs under Win95 (and Win 3.1, if I see demand)
-Speed limited only by your computer
-Full 16550 FIFO Emulation
-User selectable Base address and IRQ 
-Includes Telnet server application that emulates a Hayes compatible

 modem (e.g. ATxx, RING, etc...)

For sysops:
-Should work with virtually all BBS packages (developmental testing is

 being  done using Renegade)
-Works with any fossil driver that supports user selectable Base/IRQ
 (ADF, X00, etc...)
-Works with programs that directly access the com port such as DSZ and

-Currently supports one node, but I plan to add support for more
-Caller ID support

For Gamers:
-Use with any games that supports modem/serial even if the game  
 doesn't support network play
-No services to subscribe to or servers needed! 
-Simply call your opponent as if you both had modems using standard 
 modem commands like "ATDT"
-Play as long as you want whenever you want!

For more information, check out the page at

The page should be up later today, and check there for updates on the

VCom Development