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A Freeware Telnet FOSSIL driver for Windows

NetFoss allows DOS based BBS software to be used over a Telnet connection or a COM port under all 32-bit versions of Windows.

NetFoss will work with any DOS based software that is `FOSSIL aware', such as BBS programs, BBS doors, and DOS based serial/modem communication terminals. NetFoss can also be used with native Win32 BBS programs, to allow DOS based doors to be run via Telnet.

NetFoss changes FOSSIL-based applications to network-based without modifications to software.

  • For Windows 2000/2003/2008/XP/Vista/7/8/10 32-bit workstations and servers. Supports up to 65000 nodes.
  • Written entirly in Assembly Language for maximum speed, using the MASM32 software development kit.
  • Very small in size: under 16k RAM per node
    Allows DOS applications designed only for COM1-COM4 to run on any node.

NetFoss includes the Net2BBS Telnet server, and NetFoss is also compatible with several third-party Telnet servers, including Argus, Radius, Taurus, BeeMail, TelSrv, zTelSrv, Dumple, GameSrv, ThoughtProject, EleBBS, MysticBBS, QuantumBBS, Synchronet, Virtual Advanced BBS, and WWIV BBS. Nearly all DOS based BBS software can be run with these using NetFoss.

NetFoss is also compatible with our NetSerial COM port redirector and virtual modem software. This allows BBS software to answer Telnet connections on their own without a Telnet server, and allows outbound "calls" to be made, so that Fidonet Technology Mailers like FrontDoor and D'Bridge can be used via Telnet or raw TCP/IP instead of a dialup modem. Remote Access to DOS Command Prompts or DOS Console applications can be made using our Doorway product.

NetFoss is:

  • Freeware.
  • Fully X00 compatible, with Level 5 FOSSIL support.

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