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LANtastic is licensed by the number of Users (PC's) that will be accessing the Network.

Licenses are available for 1 user, 10 users, or an entire Site. You can mix licenses together, for example two 10 user licenses and two 1 user licenses will allow 22 users.

Licenses are provided electronically via email, unless a physical CD is requested (requires order of 10 or more users). There is no additional charge for a physical CD except for the shipping charge. Please contact us for a shipping quote.

The full LANtastic installation software and the LANtastic PDF User's Manuals are downloadable (as a single 26 megabyte file), which can then be extracted and burned to a CD. Instructions are included for copying the DOS version of LANtastic to floppy disks in case a CD-ROM drive is not available in the DOS PC's.

Resellers: Please provide the end users company name and address in the "Ship To" field of the order form. This name and address will appear on the license certficate which is provided.

We offer a 30 day return policy with a full refund if dissatisfied for any reason with LANtastic. LANtastic is a legacy product which is not compatible with newer versions of Windows, and is licensed as-is, with only email-based technical support available to our customers at no charge.





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