Links to EleBBS' beta team members

PCMICRO (great resource for RA alike BBS software!)
The page of Andre Grueneberg of Comtel BBS
Mike Bremer's page
Bruce Corbett's page - SysOp of Bruce's Banter BBS

BBS software related

The Official McMail Support Site
The Sysop corner
OpenSource FIDO mailer
PCMICRO (largest RemoteAccess alike site!)
Allfix - tic file processor
Sunrise Door software
KWIK BBS - The BBS in-a-can - Example configs for BBSes, mailers etc!
HausMaus' main page (for the BBS fan)
The CyberNetic Cafe -- Supporting BBS Awareness, PowerBBS, Miragenet, and Home To Graphic Expressions!
BBS support site - dedicated to keeping BBSing alive
The-Crow BBS


Ray Gwinn's page (author of X00 and SIO)
ADF - The best DOS based FOSSIL driver for Windows

Communications software related

ZOC - Terminal and TELNET application
Terminate a BBS communications program
The BBS corner - a big list of all sorts of telnettable BBS'es

Communications software related

FMail echomail tosser
BBSTOSS echomail tosser
FastEcho echomail tosser

Programming related

Inrpise (former Borland) owner of Delphi and TurboPascal
TurboPower (authors of Async Professional)
Delphi Super Page
FreePascal - a GNU licensed Pascal compiler for DOS,OS/2,Win32,Linux