The Frequently Asked Questions as mentioned here are more of an list of generic setup problems. If you need any specific help, the PCMICRO EleBBS FAQ will probably be of better help.

Q: EleBBS does not run on Windows2000?
Telnet does not run on Windows2000?
A: Windows2000 uses a default screen buffer of 300 lines - this is very large. When EleBBS detects such a large screenbuffer, it will display a warning message and exit. You can fix this problem by running the following steps:
1). Start -> Run -> cmd
2). Alt + Space
3). Defaults
4). Choose the tab "Layout"
5). You see twice the height - both are set to 300.
If you reduce this to 50 (or 25), the problem will not occur anymore. Make sure to apply this setting to the shortcut, so all new command windows will have these settings.

Q: Is EleBBS (and it's utils) Year-2000 (Y2K) ready?
A: A lot of testing has been done, and fixes have been applied. To the best of my knowledge, EleBBS (starting from v0.05.g1) is fully year-2000 ready as long as the other circumstances (hardware, OS, etc) are.

Q: Is EleBBS based on "xx"-code?, or
Thanks for continued development of the "xxxxxxxxxxxx"-code
A: EleBBS is written from scratch by me, about 3 or 4 years back, and contains absolutely no code from other, BBS packages. EleBBS has been written in a modern time, meeting modern coding requirements (portability, scalability).

Q: The TELNET server doesn't work?
A: Check the following:
  • Did you enter the paths in ELCONFIG correctly?

  • Did you set the EleBBS environment variable?

  • Check the ELEBBS.LOG file in your system path for errors

  • Check the ELEBBS.LOG file in one of the node subdirectories for errors

  • Is your screen size (on Windows 2000) larger than 50 lines?

  • Q: Do I need an FOSSIL drivr for EleBBS?
    A: Sometimes. You only need a FOSSIL driver for EleBBS/DOS and EleBBS/386