EleBBS 2006-2013 Binaries

EleBBS is being maintained as an Open Source project. You can download the older source
from GitHub, or download the latest 2013 source below.

The files below are not complete archives, they contain only updated exe files. You should start
by installing one of the EleBBS version .09g1 releases which are complete archives. If you are
running under Windows, then you should install eb_009gw.zip which is the Windows version.
Then download one of the updated binary packages below for the latest EXE's.
You may optionally install the .10-rc1 update exe's, but the following binaries are newer.

Currently only Win32, OS/2 and Linux binaries are available below, so you will need to use the
CVS for DOS versions.

Both EleBBS and EleWeb executables are included in the binary packages below.

The DNS-fix versions are CVS update plus the older version of tcpcli.pas. It appears to work
fine on Win32, and it has not been tested on other platforms.

The Anonymous FTP allows Anonymous FTP users using any password. You must use the
/XA switch when starting Eleserve.exe to allow anonymous logins, and create a user account
named "Anonymous" with the guest flag enabled. Guest users are denied Anonymous FTP
unless the /XA switch is used.

The Passive FTP server supports the following new options:
-PASVSRVIP:<addr> - Override server IP address for passive FTP
-PASVPORTS:<x-y> - Specify port range for passive FTP
-PASVOFFSET:<x> - Add x to reported data stream port for passive FTP

The August 2007 and later FTP server supports the following new options:

-FTPPORT:<x> Accept incoming FTP connections on port <x>
-FTPLIMIT:<x> Allow a maximum of <x> FTP connections
-FTPNODE:<x> Assign node numbers to FTP sessions, starting at <X>

The January 2008 and later FTP server includes the following:
Added: per-user session limit
Added: FXP protocol blocking
Added: transfer rates displayed in EleServ window (global and per-user)

Added: throttling fully implemented. Options have changed from KB/s to
Bytes/s. Multiply your figures by 1024 or transfers will be sloooooww.
Found under ElConfig > TCP/IP > FTP, and scroll to the bottom.

Changed: config file structure - confirm configuration settings are
still correct.

Changed: configuration window is now scrollable due to the number of

Fixed: ftpserv.ele is checked for/created in the proper places, instead
of only the current directory. Check your system for ftpserv.ele files
where they shouldn't be.

The July 2008 and later FTP server uses a new transfer rate algorithm
using linear 64-bit time values. It may be slightly off but close enough.

The February 2009 build features small changes to the FTP filename
handling, which now supports single quotes.

elebbsw-20060625-cvs.zip 25-Jun-2006 2,199,280 Win32 CVS update
elebbsw-20060625-dnsfix.zip 25-Jun-2006 2,199,296 Win32 CVS update+DNS fix
elebbsw-20060626-dns+ftpfix.zip 26-Jun-2006 2,199,377 Win32 CVS update+DNS fix+FTP fix
elebbsw-20070123.zip 23-Jan-2007 2,210,275 Win32 Jan 2007 CVS
elebbsw-20070510.zip 10-May-2007 2,214,279 Win32 May 2007 CVS
elebbsw-20070727.zip 27-Jun-2007 2,214,457 Win32 June 2007 CVS
elebbsw-20070803.zip 03-Aug-2007 1,511,565 Win32 August 2007 CVS
elebbsw-20071015.zip 15-Oct-2007 2,247,924 Win32 October 2007 CVS
elebbs_w32-20080701.zip 01-Jul-2008 2,254,458 Win32 July 2008 CVS binaries
elebbs_w32-20090220.zip 08-Feb-2009 2,254,119 Win32 Februrary 2009 CVS binaries
elebbs-20120208_vp_w32.zip 08-Feb-2012 2,253,987 Win32 VirtualPascal v2.1 build 243 binaries
elebbs-20120208_fp_w32.zip 08-Feb-2012 2,253,987 Win32 FreePascal v2.6.0 binaries
elebbs-20130208_w32vp.zip 08-Feb-2013 2,044,619 Win32 VirtualPascal v2.1 build 243 binaries
elebbs-20130208_w32fp.zip 08-Feb-2013 6,987,524 Win32 FreePascal v2.6.0 binaries

elebbs2-20060625-cvs.zip 25-Jun-2006 1,993,175 OS/2 CVS update
elebbs2-20060625-dnsfix.zip 25-Jun-2006 1,993,182 OS/2 CVS update+DNS fix
elebbs2-20060626-dns+ftpfix.zip 26-Jun-2006 1,993,263 OS/2 CVS update+DNS fix+FTP fix
elebbs2-20070123.zip 23-Jan-2007 2,002,568 OS/2 Jan 2007 CVS
elebbs2-20070510.zip 10-May-2007 2,006,315 OS/2 May 2007 CVS
elebbs2-20070727.zip 27-Jul-2007 2,006,807 OS/2 July 2007 CVS
elebbs2-20070803.zip 03-Aug-2007 1,365,042 OS/2 August 2007 CVS
elebbs2-20071015.zip 03-Aug-2007 2,037,776 OS/2 October 2007 CVS
elebbs_os2-20080701.zip 01-Jul-2008 2,043,429 OS/2 July 2008 CVS
elebbs_os2-20090220.zip 20-Feb-2009 2,043,111 OS/2 February 2009 CVS
elebbs-20120208_vp_os2.zip 08-Feb-2012 2,043,111 OS/2 February 2012 CVS (VirtualPascal)
elebbs-20120208_vp_os2.zip 08-Feb-2012 2,044,619 OS/2 February 2012 CVS (VirtualPascal)

elebbsl-20060625-cvs.zip 25-Jun-2006 5,348,912 Linux CVS update
elebbsl-20060625-dnsfix.zip 25-Jun-2006 5,348,936 Linux CVS update+DNS fix
elebbsl-20060626-dns+ftpfix.zip 26-Jun-2006 5,348,976 Linux CVS update+DNS fix+FTP fix
elebbs_lnxsrc-20100529.tar 29-May-2010 63,020 Linux CVS unstable update 2010
elebbs-20120208_fp_lnx.tar.bz2 20-Feb-2012 9,807,764 Linux FreePascal 2012 (missing elemon+eleserv).

eleserv-20070819.zip 19-Aug-2007 150,561 EleServe FTP update August 2007
eleservw-20080629.zip 01-Jul-2008 155,806 EleServe Win32 FTP update January 2008
eleservw-20080128.zip 30-Jan-2008 383,872 EleServe Win32 FTP update July 2008

eleserv2-20080128.zip 28-Jan-2008 383,872 EleServe OS/2 FTP update January 2008
eleserv2-20080629.zip 28-Jan-2008 141,000 EleServe OS/2 FTP update July 2008

eleweb210607.zip 21-Jun-2007 1,565,466 EleWeb script update from CoolMax - June 2007

elebbs_src-20090220.zip 30-May-2010 2,258,205 EleBBS Source Code Febuary 2009 (For both VirtualPascal and FreePascal) From Scott Little.
elebbs-20130208_src.zip 08-Feb-2013 2,268,060 EleBBS Source Code Febuary 2013 (For both VirtualPascal and FreePascal) Latest version from Scott Little.
elebbs_linux_compile.zip 13-Jun-2016 1,792 EleBBS Linux Compile Scripts (To compile latest 2013 source in FreePascal).


ELEBBS.EXE fixes (Some fixes also apply to EleWeb):

KEYWORD searches will now find files with mixed casing. (Scott Little)
FILENAME searches increased the input length for filename searching and will also find MIXED case filenames (Scott Little)
Using SEXYZ V1.74 protocol will now report ALL files as being sent correctly (Scott Little)
(SEXYZ is the best performing protocol for a telnet BBS)
Blank PIDs were appearing in messages using prior CVS versions (Scott Little)


Macro CTRL-F } added to display the users IP address EleSERV telnet sessions only (zomorf)
FTP connection no longer takes a Telnet node number away from EleSERV (Scott Little)
FTP downloads now work with long filenames with spaces (Scott Little)
FTP RESUME downloads added (Scott Little)
FTP server accepts filenames with { } [ ] characters. (Scott Little)
FTP server accepts anonymous users (Scott Little)
FTP server supports Passive Connections (Scott Little)
FTP server calculates the index file size properly (Scott Little)
FTP server supports non standard ports, connection limits, useron/lastcall, node assignment (Scott Little)
FTP server auto-imports longfilenames (without spaces) (Scott Little)
FTP Server changed transfer rate algorithm to use linear 64-bit time value to fix rollover bug. (Scott Little).


The above binaries should be considered "wide-beta" and may contain bugs. The most stable & tested Windows build
is version .10rc1 Release Canidate 1 (updated EXE's only), which updates the prior and complete .09g1 release version.