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SimpleComTools, LLC
Virtual COM-UDP
SimpleComTools, LLC
Install Virtual COM-UDP by downloading and unzipping the install package. 
Launch Setup.exe
Accept the License Agreement
Select the Destination Folder where the software will be installed
The installer will complete the installation and automatically open the destination folder
Getting Started…
Begin setup by double-clicking the “Virtual COM-
UDP” icon. If you see this red highlighted alert
screen, your version of software is unlicensed.  An
unlicensed version will only run for a period of 90
minutes before terminating.  For information on
obtaining a permanent LICENSE KEY, see the
SOFTWARE LICENSE section of this manual. 
Select OK and the software will open to the main screen/desktop.  This is the only screen or
window you will be using.
Virtual COM-UDP is a Windows based software solution designed with a simple and intuitive
user interface. Setup of the entire solution can be completed in a matter of minutes. 
The application software involves two screens: 
The Virtual COM Port and IP setup screen 
The real-time viewing screen