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   TCP-COM Licensing Information

A TCP-Com license allows you to run the TCP-Com software on one computer per licensed product key. Because most applications require at least 2 PC's (one to act as the server, the other to act as a client) we suggest you order for at least 2 PC's.

There are no port limitations in our software. Each license allows up to 256 Virtual COM ports to be defined, or up to 256 physical COM ports to be shared.

Prices include unlimited technical support, for the life of the product. All point updates are provided at no additional charge.

The discounted reseller pricing is only available to confirmed IT Resellers who have been approved by us. We will need to know the end user Company Name and address, and we also need to know the unique ID for the computer(s) which TCP-Com will be used on. The unique ID can be found by running TCP-Com and clicking on Help > About, and then double clicking on the large gray icon.

When you use our online store, the checkout page allows you to enter the end user information in the "Ship to:" fields. Note that TCP-Com Licensing is provided electronically (by email), and the software is downloadable so there is no physical shipment. The license unlock codes are sent to the reseller, which the reseller should then forward to the end user.

We offer an unconditional 90-Day money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, simply return the software for a complete refund of the purchase price.


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