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Multi-modem cards and multi-serial port cards


NetModem Server is compatible with all multi-modem cards that create Windows COM ports, including both Analog and Digital (ISDN) multi-modem cards. Below are several commonly used cards.

Multi-Modem cards:

Multi-Serial port cards:

What not to use:

USB to Serial port adapters based on the Prolithic PL-2303 chipset have known issues with their serial emulation failing when used for modem applications. Therfore these adapters should not be used to attach external modems to NetModem Server.

Brooktrout multi-fax cards are not modems, as they lack COM ports and are not compatible with serial based applications, so these fax cards can not be shared using NetModem.

Seperate "cheap" controllerless PCI modem cards, known as Software modems or WinModems often do not allow multiple cards to co-exist in one PC. Check with the modem manufacture to confirm that multiple cards can co-exist..


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