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NetDialOut can be licensed either per computer (called a seat license) or per concurrent active connection (called a site license).

If you choose to purchase a site license, you will be asked for the IP address of the computer which the license manager will be installed on. The license manager can run under Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000 or any version of Windows Server except "Server Core". The license manager requires very little resources, and runs as a service in the background. If you ever need to change the IP address of the computer the license manager runs on, this can be done by signing a PEA (Product Exchange Agreement) agreeing to destroy the old license key, and a new license key will be issued for the new IP address. If you would like to evaluate the license manager before purchasing then please contact us and let us know the IP address you wish to use, and we will be glad to issue you an evaluation.

If you choose to purchase standard seat license(s) then no IP address is required, but a seperate seat license key is required for each PC.

If you are unclear on which license you need, you are welcome to contact us.

Please install the evaluation software before purchasing a license. No refunds are possible on software products.



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