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ModemShare Frequently Asked Questions

Q Is ModemShare Millennium compatible with Windows XP Service Pack 2?
A Yes, but XP Service Pack 2 includes the Windows Firewall which by default disables access to NetBIOS on TCP port 139. You will need to enable the exception to the "File and Printer Sharing Service" to allow inbound traffic to TCP port 139 on the ModemShare Server computer.
Q How do I upgrade from the trial version to the retail licensed version?
A To update the evaluation, you must install the retail version of the Server. It can be installed over the evaluation or you can uninstall the evaluation and then install the retail version. This is so you can properly input the Serial Number and Verification Key. This will license your server and make it the correct retail version. The clients do not need to be updated.
Q Can I install ModemShare Millennium on a DOS client machine?
A Yes, the ModemShare Millennium Client supports DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 9x/ME and Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 platforms.
Q What network protocol does ModemShare Millennium support?
A ModemShare Millennium requires some sort of NetBIOS or NetBeui. By default, TCP/IP uses encapsulated NetBIOS, IPX needs to have NetBIOS over IPX enabled. Make sure the same protocol is set to be the default on all machines.
Q What type of modems or multi-port boards does ModemShare Millennium support?
A ModemShare Millennium should support any modem or multi-port board that creates COM ports. If the server can use HyperTerminal to dial out using the direct to COM port option rather than the modem driver, ModemShare Millennium should be able to share that port.
Q Will ModemShare Millennium support a USB modem?
A Yes, as long as the manufacturer provides a compatible COM port driver. The USB port must represent itself as a COM port, and ModemShare Millennium must see it as a Windows COM port.
Q Can ModemShare Millennium and RAS share the same COM Port?
A Yes, if these steps are followed:
a) RAS must be installed before ModemShare Millennium.
b) RAS must be started first. (If Millennium and RAS start as a service automatically, they will start in the correct order.)
c) You must be running the latest Service Pack for NT4.
d) If any Service Packs are installed after ModemShare Millennium, you must reinstall the ModemShare Millennium Server.
Q What type of security does ModemShare Millennium have?
A If the ModemShare Millennium server is installed on an NT Server, you can create a local group called ModemShare. Only the users you want to use the modems should belong to that group. No one else will be able to use the modem.
Q How do I add ports and users to my existing ModemShare Millennium license?
A 1. Open the SpartaCom Manager from Programs Menu.
2. From the Manager program menu choose Configuration then License(s)
3. From the License window, open the drop-down box displaying the current license.
4. Select a 000 - 0000 0000... license and once it is highlighted, input the new add-on license.



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