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ModemServe is licensed by the number of COM ports or Modems you wish to share from one computer (known as the server), with no limitations on the number of client PC's.

For example, a 1 Port license allows you to run the ModemServe Server Software on one computer allowing one modem to be shared with an unlimited number of computers all using the ModemServe client software.

ModemServe can share from 1 to 256 modems or other serial devices as licensed. Additional ports can be added to a license as your needs increase.

If you need to install the ModemServe server portion on more then one computer, then a seperate license is needed for each one.

Licenses are permanent, and include technical support. One year of maintenance is included (except for addon licenses), which provides upgrade protection for any major versions released in the following 12 months. Minor (point) updates are available at no charge for the life of the product.

We offer an upgrade option to upgrade from ModemServe to NetModem for the difference in price.




ModemServe is a trademark of Mach One Communications

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